Centre for Distance and Online Education

Job Prospect

Centre for Distance and Online Education has introduced professional courses keeping in view the need of trained professionals in Public and Private Sector.

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

This course offers tremendous job opportunities in both Print and Electronic Media. Apart from that it is relevant in the field of Public Relations, Editing, Direction, Publications, Advertising and Photography.

Diploma in Portfolio Management

CDOE, AMU is one of the  pioneer institutions  in the country which offers Post Graduate Diploma in Portfolio Management. A successful completion of this course enables the students to work as Fund Manager, Investment Manager, Financial Analyst, Stock Exchange Executives. Various financial jobs in the corporate sector could be a prospect after obtaining this Diploma.

Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

A qualified Counsellor is in great demands in both educational sector as well as corporate sector. PGD- Guidance and Counseling from CDOE AMU, provides a bright future prospects as it has been mandatory to appoint a certified counsellor in educational institutions as well as in the all working establishments of Corporate sector.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science

The emergence of online and digitized Libraries in educational world needs qualified Library Science professionals with a sound knowledge of Information Technology. This need is catered by the degree holders in Bachelors of Library and Information Science who are also adequately trained in IT . This post graduate course provides opportunity to students after completing the course to serve as trained personnel in various Libraries, Documentation Centres and Information Centres all over the country.

Diploma in Language of Advertisement, Marketing and Media

To seek a flourishing career in the field of Marketing, Advertising and all kind of Media, one requires possessing effective and sound knowledge of English language. Furthermore, in all these professions, a proficiency of specific nature of English language which is relevant in all above mentioned fields needs to be studied. The CDOE has introduced Post Graduate Diploma in Language of Advertisement, Marketing and Media which is quite popular among fresh graduates.

Diploma in Communicative English

Effective communication in English language is key to success. In this competitive world one needs to communicate clearly and effectively and with accuracy. Both form of English language, spoken and written needs to be adequately learnt by the student community.  The CDOE felt an immediate need to launch this course which provides an opportunity  to future prospects of success. 

Certificate in  Information Technology

This course offers tremendous job opportunities in both Academic Institutions and Corporate Sectors This Courses is open for Madrasa & AMU Students also.