Centre for Distance and Online Education

Outreach Program

Centre for Distance and Online Education, AMU, is making continuous efforts to take its educational programmes to the most needed segments of Indian society through establishment of study centres in various parts of the country. This initiative needs to take note of the facts related to the educational backwardness among Muslims following the eye opening reports of Justice Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission. These reports clearly state that the Muslims constitute the most backward among the religious minorities in all respect despite their rich cultural heritage and numerical strength. It was, therefore, envisaged to launch Muslim modernization scheme in the wake of the strong recommendations of the reports. It included opening of new educational institutions in Muslim populated areas and modernization of existing madrasas. It is, however, a long term idea which could yield fruits in years. In this context, Centre for Distance Education can play a vital role to impart education to the desperately needed segment of Muslim community. Education could be taken to the door step of the downtrodden by identifying the established Madrasas in concerned areas and offering them the study centres of Centre for Distance Education, AMU, which offers significant number of courses in Hindi, Urdu and English medium and that too with a very affordable fee structure. This step could ensure an immediate availability of modern education among Muslims. This endeavour would be in consonance with the authority given to Aligarh Muslim University by the Parliament of India under 5(2) C of the Aligarh Muslim University Act  which directs the institution to work for the Educational and Cultural Advancement of  the Muslims of India.