Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College

Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College


Vision :

1.      To be perceived as a leading  dental  care centre in dental education, research and patient care in the country.

2.      To provide an atmosphere in which excellence in health care, education and research can  grow and continue.

       1.  To provide unparallel , exemplary care of patients suferring from dental and oral

            diseases and comprehensive treatment services by working as a team and offering

            highest standards of treatment  services in an ethical manner.

2.      To provide transformative professional education and training encouraging self evaluation and independent thinking.

3.      To deliver high impact multidisciplinary and collaborative research for benefit of mankind.

4. To incorporate the latest scientific and technological advances in health care, teaching, training and research activities.


A dental section was started in Department of General Surgery of J.N. Medical College with a single dental chair. This section was separated from General Surgery Department in 1986 and was given a status of Department of Dental Surgery. The Department of Dental Surgery used to treat patients suffering from Oral & Maxillofacial Disorders. Prof. S.I.H Rizvi was the first Dentist to join the Department.

Later on Prof. S.H. Hashmi, Prof. H.A. Alvi ,Dr. Amit Nagar & Dr. Shadab Rizvi joined the Department.

Prof. S.H. Hashmi was the first Principal of our College, succeeded by Prof.H.A. Alvi.

Dr. Shadab Rizvi joined the department in 1988 as House Officer.

In December, 1994 University requested to Ministry of Health, Government of India to grant permission to start the Dental College, which was granted in 1995 and first inspection by Dental Council of India to start Dental College at A.M.U. was held in October, 1995.

After getting necessary permission from the Central Government, the foundation stone of Dental College was laid by the then VC Dr. Mahmudur Rahman in 1996 and the College was named Sir Syed Dental College. Initially, the classes and labs were held in Medical College (JNMC) with clinics in the present Dermatology Department.  The first batch was admitted on 1st Dec, 1996 with an intake of 40 students.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Afshan Bey and Dr. S.S. Ahmad joined the College in 1997. Dr. S.H. Hashmi, Dr. Shadab Rizvi, Dr. Alvi along with Dr. Afshan Bey, Dr. S. S. Ahmad and Dr. Ashok Kumar formed the base of teaching for the Dental Students of Dr. ZADC by joining the College. Dr. Ashok Kumar, contributed to the college from the very beginning of the Conservative Department is the Chairperson.

In 1997, Dr. Sumathi joined as a tutor in dept. of Prosthodontics, she along with Dr. Alvi introduced P.O.P, Alginates and other materials for BDS 1996 batch. She resigned after a few years.

Later on Dr. Geeta Rajput, Dr. T.P. Chaturvedi and Dr. Kauser J. Khwaja joined the College in 1998 and enriched the students with their knowledge. Dr. T.P. Chaturvedi taught Dental Anatomy and Orthodontics. He resigned in 2003. In the same year i.e. 1998, the Clinical units of Conservative Dentistry, Pedodontics, Periodontics and Orthodontics were housed in a building situated next to University Petrol Pump. And the departments of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics and Oral Diagnosis were housed in OPD block of JNMCH (i.e. at present OPD - Dermatology).

In 1999, the College is benefitted by the joining of Dr. M.K. Jindal and Dr. S.K. Mishra, Dr. Priyank Rai and Dr. Upendra Gujjar also joined the College in the same year and strengthened Department of Orthodontics. Both of them resigned in 2001.

In year 2000, Clinical Units and labs were shifted to the present building.

Also in year 2000, the College was graced by Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Verma and Dr. Gaurav Singh.

Dr. N.D. Gupta, Dr. R.K. Tewari, Dr. Mohd. Tariq and Dr. Sandhya Maheshwari stepped into the College in 2002.

In the same year i.e. 2002, name of the College was changed from Sir Syed Dental College to Sir Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College, which later changed to Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College.