Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine

Dept. data last updated on :21/03/2023

[A] Introduction

The Department of Forensic Medicine was established in 1966 at the J.N. Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. It offer courses leading to the award of MBBS and MD degrees. Facilities exist for Ph.D research work. Most of the research is done by the teachers and post graduate students. However, during the last five year plans scanty funds were provided to the department for strengthening the existing research infrastructure. Many Ph. D students from outside the department enjoy the benefit of research infrastructure after obtaining prior permission.

In the XIIth Five Year Plan emphasis has been placed on building for faculty staff and research facilities in pursuance of the strong emphasis laid down by the Medical Council of India in their inspection visits time and again. Similarly deficiencies for post graduate education are to be fulfilled. It is, therefore, decided to develop research labs covering multiple scientific areas. These are not mutually, exclusive. Besides these the deficiencies as per Medical Council of India requirement for under graduate education (150 admissions) and for post graduate education 2001 are to be met as first priority. The M.D degree was recognised vide MCI letter No.40(22)/2009/Med dated 20.01.2010.

[B] Future Plans

1.Medicolegal Autopsy

2. Poison Information Centre

3. Forensic Nursing

[C] Academic Status

I -Under Graduate Teaching

(i) Result

(ii) Attendance

(iii)Student Greivance Commiittee

(iv) others

II - Post Graduate Teaching

(i) Curriculum

(ii) Number of Students


[D] Topics of the thesis till date

1. Usmani,Jawed Ahmad

Study on the postmortem changes in some of the nonprotein nitrogen (NPN) levels of blood ,cerebrospinal fluid

and vitreous humor in experimental animal rabbit. Aligarh, AMU.1987

2. Taqi Hasan Faruqi

Comparative histopathological study of sub-acute toxic effects of some of the organophosphorous insecticides on

different organs of Albino rats .Aligarh AMU 1988.

3. Punia Rajpal Singh

Sex differentiation from upper extremity with special reference of Anatomical angles of the extended elbow in Indian

population.Aligarh AMU.1989

4. Study of Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme; an approach for the identification of stains. Aligarh, AMU.1991

5. Musawwir-e-Islam

Time related estimation of myloperoxidase enzyme in traumatic wounds.Aligarh, AMU.1991

6. Ghayasuddin Khan

Study of stature from hand measurement in adults.Aligarh, AMU.1993

7. Saadiya Saeed

Prospective study of the pattern of medico legal injuries of the abdominal cases at Medical College


8. Abidur-Rahman

Study of occupational realated lead toxicity in lock factory workers in District Aligarh. Aligarh, 1998.

9. Shaukat Arif Hanif

Estimation of acid phosphatase in some of the body fluids.fluids. Aligarh, AMU, 1992

10. Barkha Gupta

Profile of injuries in septic abortion at J N Medical College and Mahila Chikitsalya, Aligarh, 2000

11. Sukhdeep Singh

A study of estimation of stature from foot measurements in adults, 2005

12. Naseem Akhtar

To study the pattern of child abuse and its outcome in the reported cases at JNMC Hospital, 2005

13. Imran Sabiri

Recovery and isolation of de-oxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in some selected samples of forensic significance, 2006

14. Tariq Wali

Topxicopathological study of occupational exposure to nickel and chromium in electroplaters in district Aligarh,


15. Saifur Rehman

AIDS and criminality: a new legal perspective, 2006

16. Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Pattern of poisoning cases in JNMC, district Aligarh, 2008

17. Usama bin Ghaffar

Epidemiological profile of the pattern of burn injury - a medicolegal analysis, 2008

18. Afzal haroon

A retrospective study of road traffic accident cases reported at JNMC, AMU and associated mortality within 72 hours

of admission, 2008

19. Ishrat Fatima Majidi

Pattern of ocular injuries: a study in Aligarh, 2008

20. Wasi Khan

A comprehensive study of of facial injuries sustained as a result of accidents and intentional violence at JNMC - a 2

year retrospective study, 2008

21. Iram Khan

Pattern of gunshot injuries at J N Medical College - a study in Aligarh, 2008

22. Sobia Khan

A comprehensive study of paediatric injuries in hospital reported cases, 2008

23. Nihal Ahmad

CT scan as radiological determinant for estimating age through fusion of skull sutures in north Indian population,


24. Ishrat Fatima Majeedi

Pattern of ocular injuries - a study in JNMC and Gandhi Eye Hospital Aligarh 2009

25. Lalit Kumar

Level of Accessibility of Radiological diagnostic tools of high technology and its effect on human health: study of Ultrasonography, CT SCAN and MRI in different perspective 2010.

26. Azfar Mateen

Genetic profiling of Uttar Pradesh population using STR Loci 2010.

27. Mohd Kaleem Khan

Pattern of head injury in adult cases reported at JNMCH AMU Aligarh. 2010

28. Hashim Abbas

A study of the Toxic effects of copper and nickel in workers employed in brass manufacturing units in District Moradabad UP. 2011

29. MD. Shadab Raheel

Histopathological study of sub acute toxic effects of chloroacetic acid on different organs of Albino rats and its co-relation with levels of

Malondialdelyde in Blood. 2011

30. Abhishek Varshney

Estimation of stature by factoring sternal measurement on X ray chest as radiological Determinate.2013.

31. Manoj Kumar

A study of the pattern of Head injury in Patients of tall from Height who reported at J.N. Medical College Hospital, AMU, Aligarh. 2013

32. Md. Asrarul Haque

Pattern of Injuries in cases of Blunt trauma Abdomen reported at JNMC Hospital, AMU, Aligarh-A Prospective & retrospective study.2014

33. Mojahid Anwar

Comprehensive study and Creation of Profile of trauma Patients Admitted in ICU of a Tertiary Care Hospital in India. 2015

34. Faiz Ahmad

A study of Para suicides by self poisoning in Patients registered at the emergency section of JNMCH, AMU, Aligarh. 2016.

[E] M.D awarded with years

1. Usmani,Jawed Ahmad, 1987
2. Taqi Hasan Faruqi, 1988
3. Punia Rajpal Singh, 1989
4. Munawwar Husain,1991

5. Musawwir-e-Islam, 1991

6. Shaukat Arif Hanif, 1992

7. Ghayasuddin Khan, 1993

8.Saadiya Saeed, 1997

9. Abidur-Rahman, 1998
10. Barkha Gupta, 2000

11. Sukhdeep Singh, 2005

12. Naseem Akhtar, 2005

13. Imran Sabiri, 2006

14. Saifur Rehman, 2006

15. Umar bin Abdul Aziz, 2008

16. Usama bin Ghaffar, 2008

Afzal haroon, 2008
Ishrat Fatima Majidi, 2008
19. Wasi Khan, 2008

20. Iram Khan, 2008

21. Sobia Khan, 2008

22. Nihal Ahmad, 2009

23. Lalit Kumar, 2010
24. Azfar Mateen, 2010

25. Mohd Kaleem Khan, 2010

26. Hashim Abbas, 2011

27. Md. Shadab Raheel, 2011

28. Abhishek Varshney, 21013

39. Manoj Kumar, 2013

30. Md. Asrarul Haque, 2014

31. Mojahid Anwar, 2015

32. Faiz Ahmad, 2016


[A] Board of Studies

1. Prof. Saadiya Saeed (Chairperson)

2. Prof Farzana Beig (Dept of Pediatrics) (assigned member)

3. Prof. Kafeel Ahmad (Dept of Pathology) (assigned member)

4. Dr. Afzal Haroon , Associate Professor

5. Dr Mohd Kaleem  Khan , Associate Professor

6. Dr Mohammad Asrarul Haque , Assist Professor

7. Dr Faiz Ahmad, Assist Professor 

8. Dr Kashif Ali, SR

[B] Alumni Committee

1. Prof. Saadiya Saeed (Chairperson)

2. Dr. Afzal Haroon , Associate Professor

3. Dr Mohd Kaleem  Khan , Associate Professor

[C] Students' Grievance Committee

1. Prof. Saadiya Saeed (Chairperson)

2. Dr. Afzal Haroon , Associate Professor

3. Dr Mohd Kaleem  Khan , Associate Professor


4. First three rank holder of MBBS II Professional Batch (2017)

[D] Departmental Purchase Committee

1. Prof. Saadiya Saeed (Chairperson)

2. Dr. Afzal Haroon , Associate Professor

[E] Gender Sensitization Committee

[F] Staff members associated with the central committee / council / unit

a. Faculty Meeting

b. Academic Council

c. Committee CASR

d. Anti Ragging Committee

e. Medical Education Unit

f. Assigned members to Board of Studies of other department

g. Additional Charge from...

[G] Retired teachers

1. Professor Iqbal Ashraf

2. Professor Shameem Jahan Rizvi

3. Professor Jawed Ahmad Usmani

4. Dr Shaukat Arif Hanif

5. Professor Munawwar Husain