Department of Forensic Medicine

Post Graduate

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MD (Forensic Medicine)


Forensic Medicine




MD The students enter MD course after clearing the PG entrance examination - either internal or all India open competition.


The MD course comprise of 3 years duration with break up in to JR-I, JR-II, and JR-III. They are paid stipend during this period. After successful completion of three years and submission of thesis the student get eligible to sit in the final examination. The final examination comprise of two parts: 1. Theory papers - I, II, III and IV 2. Practical and viva voce


Good. The candidate becomes eligible for teaching and non-teaching government jobs commensurate with their qualification and experience in the field.


  • To become a competent medicolegal expert who is able to identify and define medicolegal problems, undertake and discharge medicolegal responsibilities and duties

  • Keep abreast with recent developments and emerging trends in Forensic Medicine, Medical ethics and law

  • Orientation to research methodology and conduct of research in the subject

Activities/Content with direct bearing on Employability/ Entrepreneurship/ Skill development

Preparation of Medicolegal Report

i.Age report

ii.Injury report

iii.Postmortem report

iv.Impotency report

Natural/Unnatural sexual offences report

vi.Drunkenness report

vii.Examination of blood/seminal stain

Handling of medico legal cases including medical negligence

Visit to the court of law as expert witness

Medical certificate

i.Sickness certificate

ii.Fitness certificate

Histopathological examination of viscera collected at the time of autopsy

Examination of victim of criminal abortion

Examination of foetus

Examination of skeletal remains

Examination of weapons

Visit to scene of crime