Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit


Dept. data last updated on :25/01/2023


Ph.D. in Biotechnology


Enzyme stabilization, Molecular epidemiology, Multiple drug resistance in infectious diseases. Protein folding  and pathways of folding/ unfolding Immunochemistry/ immunology: Development of nanoparticles-based vaccines against Mycobacterium spp, Salmonella spp and Candida spp etc.Enzymology






Both in Teaching and Industries


OBJECTIVES The mission of the Program is to educate an interdisciplinary group of students with backgrounds in biology, biophysics, biochemistry and chemistry in the applied biological and chemical sciences of biotechnology for careers in academia, government and industry. The Program encourages students from multiple disciplines to experience research in close relation to biomedical engineering students, while working in the field of biotechnology. To prepare students for careers of constructive service to society in academia, government, industry and health related fields. To engage committed students in areas not experienced in their previous academic lives and to bring them to a baseline that will allow them to conduct translational research, from conceptual design through in vivo testing with an eye towards clinical implementation. To provide interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities to solve problems that will improve the quality of life for those suffering from health-related diseases and disorders


OUTCOME Cognitive Knowledge: To provide education that leads to comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of biotechnology. Information and Computer Literacy: To educate and make them up to date with the current scientific literature, computer programs and web information. Experimental Skills: To provide broad based training in technical skills in methods of biotechnology. Critical Thinking: To empower students with the ability to think and solve problems in the field of biotechnology. Scientific Communication: To ensure students are able to effectively communicate with biotech and other interdisciplinary professionals. Professional Attitude: To produce responsible biotechnologists that can work within the interdisciplinary framework of biotechnology and related fields.