Department of Kulliyat


Dept. data last updated on :15/04/2023

“Kulliyat” is an Arabic word in Unani medicine it stands for the “Fundamentals”. The Department of Kulliyat has been established to learn the basic concepts and general principles with a holistic approach regarding the formation, functions and status of the body with reference to the diagnosis and treatment.

The discipline deals with the core subjects of Unani medical science as Umure Tabi‘yah (factors of physis), Asbabo Alamat (acts and their signs), Usule Ilaj (terms of treatment) and Itlaqi Kulliyat (applied fundaments). These subjects have their roots in the soil of ancient Greece and had been nurtured by Arabs and Iranians in medieval period, that’s why to gone through with excellence the students have to gain substantial knowledge on Arabic language, logic and philosophy and history of medicine. The department fulfils the need by including these subjects too in the syllabus.

The Aligarh Muslim University has a privilege to be the first one to establish the department in 1986. The credit of the presentation for its establishment goes to late Prof. Syed Kamaluddin Husain Hamadani, an outstanding scholar of Unani medicine and the founder as well as foremost chairman of the department.   

Since its appearance the department has achieved the goals specially in creating the reviewed literature and its scientific validation. The department has founded Advance Instrumentation Lab as a breeding platform for the upcoming scientists and innovators working in the field of specific instrumentation development for Unani Medicine.  

Over 100 PG scholars have been awarded the degree and significant numbers of the alumni are serving on distinguished administrative, teaching and research seats.  


The Department of Kulliyat, is to be acknowledged as one of the leading departments for research and education in fundamentals of Unani medicine. We aim to bring together classical theories/concepts and contemporary sciences.


To impart quality knowledge of Kulliyat e Tibb to students so that they can outshine professionally as researchers and strengthen the academic infrastructure of Unani Medicine.