Department of Modern Indian Languages


Dept. data last updated on :26/11/2021

Standard Operating Procedures - Office - MIL

Modern Indian languages

Aligarh Muslim University

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


The Department of Modern Indian languages office provides all necessary support to the faculty, students, and staff, and the office manages all administrative work under the direction of the chairperson. It monitors all accounts, purchases, drafting, typing, maintaining proformas and UGC non-net and fellowships. The office collects the examination marks and sends them to the controller providing support from the concerned section. It ensures the running of the department email and phone calls, maintains records, and delivers all internal papers. The office provides facilities for photocopy and printout.

The department of MIL has seven sections (Bengali, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu), and each section has In-charge. The section In-charge maintains all attendance records of their students. every section has separate seminar library. It facilitates both faculty and students, as well as it is open to all to use for academic purposes. The section in charge has maintained the seminar library of each section. Smart Room, Seminar Hall, Research Scholar Hall has been maintained by the office as per the direction of chairperson.

Day to Day Function

Morning: 07.30 - 01.30

  • Department open and cleaning

  • Letter preparation and their related works

Lunch – 1.30 to 2.30

Afternoon: 02.30 – 04.00

  • Dispatch the papers and incoming papers related works

  • Lock the all and handover the key to Chairperson’s residence


Modern Indian Languages