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Dept. data last updated on :18/03/2023

Around 100 years back in 1920, a Department of History and Politics was established in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. In 1948, the present Department of Political Science was separated as an independent entity from the parent Department. Since then, it has been flourishing as a credible centre of teaching, learning and research attracting students from the nation and abroad especially from West Asia, Africa and South East Asia. The development of the Department from academic perspective is commendable.

From offering courses to students in Political Science, the Department presently offers six semesters Under-graduate BA (Hons.) in Political Science and four semesters Post-graduate MA Courses in Political Science, Public Administration and Human Rights. The choice-based credit system (CBCS) is followed. The intake for the Undergraduate Students is 100. For Post-graduate Courses, the intake in Political Science, Public Administration and Human Rights is 40, 20 and 15 respectively. The Department also offers Ph.D. program in all the three fields of Study. The number of seats in Ph.D. Course depends on the vacancies available with the respective teachers in the Department according to the UGC Guidelines.

The teaching and research activities are being currently carried out by the 23 academically proficient faculty members with the help of 07 supporting non-teaching staff. With the combined academic potentials of these faculties, the Department focuses on the comprehensive study of the field of Politics, Public Administration and Human Rights from different angles and dimensions drawing on a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Besides offering courses in three disciplines of Political Science, Public Administration and Human Rights, a fully-fledged independent Department of Public Administration is about to take shape. Efforts also are being made to create a Department of Human Rights.

Since 1967 the Department has been publishing a Research Journal, Indian Journal of Politics, [ISSN: 0303 - 9957] which is indexed in the Current Contents and abstracted in the International Political Science Abstracts (Paris). It is a peer-reviewed Journal. It is being uploaded on the Department Webpage.


·         To be a National Center of Excellence for Advanced Studies in the Field of Politics. 

·    To Inspire the Next Generation to Develop Ideas on Peaceful Coexistence, the Ethos of Unity in Diversity, Understanding and Respecting Cultures to help Build a Just and Tolerant Society

·         To develop into a Faculty of Political Studies in the near future. 


·         To be a leading Department in the Discipline of Political Science

·         To Teach and Research Political issues with Focus on the Contributions of the Indian Scholarship and Perspectives.

·         To Train the Students to become a responsible citizen and contribute to the well-being of the Society and the Country at large.

·         To make the Students Academically proficient and practically vibrant to face Real-Life Situations.

Future Plan:

·         Implementation of New Education Policy from the Academic Session 2022-23.

·         Introduction of a PG Programme in the discipline/field of Peace and Conflict Studies.

·         Introduction of Online Self-Financed PG Diploma on Human Rights: Four Module Course on Human Rights in general and in India. 

·         Introduction of International Online Self-financed Summer/Winter School. 

PEO (Program Educational Objectives)

Course Outcome: 

For M.A.