Department of Radio-Diagnosis


Dept. data last updated on :31/03/2023

The Department of Radiology, AMU, Aligarh was established in year 1967. The X-ray machines installed in 1969 included two machines of 500mA, two of 200mA and 1 of 100mA. At present the department has 7 DigitaL X-ray machines including one Fluoroscopy unit with image intensifier TV control, 7 USG Color Doppler machines with the facility of Elastography, one mammography unit with stereotactic biopsy facility, one 16 Slice Spiral CT Scanner 

(Siemens Somatom Emotion)

128 slice CT Scanner (GE Revolution EVO)  and one MRI 1.5 Tesla (Siemens Magnetom Avanto).Being part of the teaching hospital, the department has been running two postgraduate courses DMRD and MD Radiodiagnosis recognized by MCI since 1972. To produce technical hands, Diploma in Medical Technology Course (DMLT) has been running in the department since 1973. Every year three students in MD, six in DMRD and ten in DMLT Radiology course are admitted. Department is planning to replace this diploma (D.M.L.T.) course with a graduation course very soon.


Facilities available in the Department:

1. Digital Radiograph

2. IVP, Fluoroscopy

3. Mammography

4. Ultrasound

5. Color Doppler & Elastography

6. Multidetector (16 slice) C.T. Scan

7. CT SCAN 128 Slice (GE Revolution EVO)

7. MRI 1.5 Tesla (Avanto 48 Channels)

8. Interventional Procedures


- Quality health care at an affordable cost.


- Improving patient diagnosis and management.

- Promoting research and new ideas.