Department of South African & Brazilian Studies

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :09/02/2024

Department for South African & Brazilian Studies (CSBS) an independent, autonomous, interdisciplinary area study was established as a centre at the Aligarh Muslim University following the approval of the University Grants Commission and its endorsement by the University Academic Council in its meeting on 24th October 2011. The Centre was subsequently upgraded and converted into a department with effect from June 2015.

Department's focus is on the study of South Africa and Brazil in India. Studies and researchers in this multi-disciplinary Department primarily focus on contemporary problems and issues pertaining to India, South Africa and Brazil, the three emerging multi-ethnic and multi-cultural democracies from three different geographically distant regions.

India, South Africa and Brazil have a common approach on many global issues, including UNSC reform, the future of multilateral trade negotiations etc. and this has led to their fruitful cooperation and coordination in the multilateral arenas, be it IBSA, BRICS, G-4, BASIC, or other organizations.

The purpose of the Department is to conduct policy-oriented research of use to scholars and policymakers. This newly created Department, apart from enrolling researchers under its PhD Programme, will encourage long and short-term research projects in collaboration with other institutions of learning, the Line ministry, concerned embassies, ICCR, ICSSR, ICHR etc., primarily on contemporary problems and issues concerning South Africa & Brazil and their linkages with India with the following objectives.


  • To conduct policy-oriented research that is relevant to our scholars and policymakers and rigorous by academic standards.

  • To play a major role in popularizing Indian higher education abroad and sharing the educational infrastructure between India and the countries of her focus.

  • To undertake policy studies and provide inputs to the government through continuous interaction with the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • To prepare professionals or experts who can have the expertise on diverse aspects (historical, socio-economic, political and geo-strategic) problems of a specific region.


  • To strengthen the Department with competent and committed faculty research staff with sufficient academic scholarship on the countries of their focus, including speaking and writing skills in the native languages of those countries.

  • To develop a data bank as a repository of important resource materials, including areas of collaboration between India, South Africa and Brazil.

  • To take up studies in the educational policies existing in the countries of its focus.

  • To strengthen India’s bilateral relations with the countries of Africa and Latin America in general and with South Africa and Brazil in particular.