Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts


Dedicated to high quality education in the arts and humanities, the Faculty of Arts is engaged in policy and planning as well as academic leadership of all the departments under its aegis. The Faculty has a rich legacy which is rooted in composite cultural paradigms and is committed to the state-of-the-art research in frontier areas of knowledge which is relevant to regional and global needs.


Ø  To encourage and facilitate an innovative pedagogy.

Ø  To create productive and progressive atmosphere for holistic personality development of students.

Ø  To engage in inter and multi-disciplinary studies.

Ø  To sharpen critical thinking and enhance creative potentials through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Ø  To develop conducive atmosphere for outreach and extension activities.

Ø  To organize placement meetings, career-oriented workshops and counseling programs.

Ø  To strengthen the values of nation-building, social-harmony, community welfare, heritage preservation and to promote sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity.

The Faculty system was introduced in January 1944 during the Vice Chancellorship of Dr. Zia-ud-din Ahmad (1941 to 1947) and during this time four faculties namely Theology, Arts, Science and Engineering were established.


The Faculty of Arts is one of the faculties of the Aligarh Muslim University comprising 10 departments: Arabic, English, Fine Arts, Hindi, Linguistics, Modern Indian Languages, Persian, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Urdu. The faculty offers a number of courses in different languages in the respective departments.

The building of the Faculty of Arts is centrally located on the campus.


The Faculty of Arts offers different programs in respective departments which include:

Ø  Bachelors of Arts: three years honors program 

Ø  Masters of Arts: two years program  

Ø  Research programs: Ph.D. and Post-doctorate

Ø  A number of part time and full time Diploma/Certificate courses


The faculty has Wi-Fi, lift for the physically disabled and a library in every department.

In 2013, the department of Fine Arts was ranked 10th in India's Best Fine Arts colleges listed by India Today

Department of English is the oldest department of the university. The department dates back from the days of Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College- the predecessor of Aligarh Muslim University Sir Walter Raleigh, the first professor of English at Oxford, had already worked as a professor of English at Mohammadan Anglo- Oriental College from 1885 to 1887. ‘Raleigh Literary Society’ regularly organizes performances of scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

Alumni and faculty

Philosopher Syed Zafarul Hasan was a professor of Philosophy and had been the dean of the faculty of Arts.