Faculty of Arts


SOP Maintenance staff



Staff of Maintenance Unit

  1. Assistant Care Taker

  2. Multi Tasking staff

  3. Safaiwala

  • Hygiene

  • Regular cleaning of galleries, offices and teachers chamber in the faculty Building.

  • Cleaning of Washrooms and washrooms areas.

  • Open areas of the building, such as rooftops, garden are frequently checked to prevent accumulation of stagnant water and the breeding of mosquitoes

  • Cleaning of internal glass, Internal and External doors glass and internal side of the classrooms of the faculty of Arts.

  • Cleanness of all the floor of building by Safaiwalas..

  • Maintenance and repair of Faculty building by the maintenance staff of rotation basis.

  • Internal walls and external walls, roof top and floors. Building service facilities such as piping, water pumps, lift and railing are inspected regularly. Immediate repairs are carried out if such facilities are damage.

Maintenance of Electricity Supply System

  • To check and inspect the electrical installation in faculty of arts building.

  • During the failure of electricity a log book has been maintain for electricity supply through Generator.

  • Repairs and maintenance of electricity supply system are under taken by the trained electrician of the electricity department.

Maintenance of Elevator’s operation

  • A well-maintained lift for convenience to students, staff and disability persons.

  • Inspect, clean, oil and adjust the lift once a month.

  • In general, registered lift contractors provide maintenance service on the contract terms.

Maintenance of Faculty Lounge 

  • To check and inspect the electrical installation in faculty Lounge of Arts.

  • Cleaning of all the floor of building by Safaiwalas..

  • Cleaning/washing of Faculty Lounge by the maintenance staff regularly.

  • To make arrangement in the Faculty lounge for conducting of various programme seminars, workshop cultural activity etc.

All the above work has been done under supervision the assistant care taker of the faculty of Arts.

SOP Office of the Dean


Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts


  • Office is unlocked at 7.30 am and it takes 30 minutes to cleanliness of office and the building and classrooms by the maintenance staff of Faculty of Arts.

  • Keeping the energy conservation in mind fewer lights has been turn on.

  • Update the Notice and others information to be displayed on Notice Board.

  • Finalize and dispatched letters signed by the Dean and the received letter a day before in the second half are sorted out and sent to the concerned departments/Section and dealing assistant of the office.

  • 1:30 to 2:30 (LUNCH TIME)

  • Show all incoming office papers which may includes confidential letters, various forms of students, routine papers and general notices etc to the Dean.

  • Response to important papers immediately either to quick or urgent reply/action, if any,

  • Marking of the papers to either to dispose off or taking necessary action by the concerned dealing assistant of the office.

  • Switched off all lights/Fan/AC etc carefully before closing the office and the building at 4.05 pm.