Faculty of Medicine


Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine


  • ·         Office is unlocked at 7.30 am and it takes 30 minutes to cleanliness of office.
  • ·         Keeping the energy conservation in mind fewer lights has been turn on.
  • ·         Update the Notice and others information to be displayed on Notice Board.
  • ·        Finalize and dispatched letters signed by the Dean and the received letter a day before in the second half are sorted out and sent to the concerned departments/Section and dealing assistant of the office.
  • ·         1:30 to 2:30 (LUNCH TIME) as per convenience of the staff on mutual basis to remain open in Lunch time also.
  • ·        Show all incoming office papers which may includes confidential letters, various forms of students, routine papers and general notices etc to the Dean.
  • ·         Response to important papers immediately either to quick or urgent reply/action, if any,
  • ·         Marking of the papers to either to dispose off or taking necessary action by the concerned dealing assistant of the office.
  • ·         Switched off all lights/Fan/AC etc carefully before closing the office at 4.05 pm.
  •         Office is also open in holidays & Sunday also if required.