Prof. Mohd Rihan





    Smart Grid, Synchrophasor Measurements, Control System, Virtual Instrumentation


    Kairana, Distt. Shamli, U.P.





    Time Table Odd Semester 2021-22



Dr. Mohammad Rihan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering with experience of about 20 years. He is Gold Medalist of B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) and has done significant research work in the areas of smart grid and Solar Energy; both areas under National missions.  He Is also working as the Founder Coordinator of the centre for Grid Integrated Green and Renewable Energy in the campus to address the research challenges presented by high penetration of renewable energy in the grid. 
He is an elected Fellow of the IET(UK), IE(India), and IETE. He is Senior Member of IEEE and elected vice chair of executive committee of IEEE UP Section. He is a member of executive committee of Delhi local network of IET(UK).

He has led the integration of 6.5MWp solar PV plants in the AMU campus distribution grid; the largest such installation in any academic institution in the country. It includes a project of Rs. 20 Cr. for 3.3 MWp solar farm; a unique installation in any academic institute in the country. He is also working as  Visiting Scientist at National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), MNRE. He has established a Centre for Training on Solar PV in collaboration with Skill Council, Green Jobs, Government of India  India. He has also completed a project on Green Campus funded by MNRE. Under this project energy conservation target has been defined for making AMU a Green Campus. 
Dr. Rihan has authored a book on Advanced Control Systems and contributed an invited chapter on Applications and Requirements of Smart Grid in a book published by Springer Nature.  He has established a new Virtual and Smart Systems lab in the department. 

Dr. Rihan is also heading the entire electricity setup; both conventional and renewable of the university since Dec 2015 as Member Incharge. The campus has a huge electricity network of 8.5MVA capacity and annual budget of about Rs. 30 Cr. He acts as the technical, financial, and administrative head of the department and report to the vice chancellor; the executive head of the university. He is leading a team of 122 employees including Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers, Accounts staff and other technical staff. His responsibilities in this role requires ensuring that all related works and purchases in the department are done adhering to the technical and financial guidelines formed by the Government of India. He is a Member of the Building Committee; the committee which accords technical and financial approval to all construction/renovation works in the campus as per GFR and Central Public Works Department (CPWD) norms of the Government of India. He has to oversee the utilization of the funds as per norms and devise and implement energy conservation measures in the campus.


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