Prof. Mohammad Altamush Siddiqui

    M. Tech., PhD, B. Sc Engg




    Heat Transfer, Solar energy and absorption refrigeration


    59,Jahangirabad (Gangia), Naini,Allahabad. LOCAL: 336 Wadi-E-Ismail Doharra MAFi East, Aligarh.





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Research Area: Heat Transfer and Solar Energy : Have carried experimental and numerical studies of heat transfer and fluid flow in an Internally Heated Vertical Annular Closed Loop Thermo-syphon with working fluids, such as water, ethanol and methanol applicable in the refrigeration systems and in cooling of nuclear fuel rods during power/pump failure. Experimental and numerical studies on pool boiling of nanofluids over a heated nichrome wire and find critical heat flux for different concentrations of the nano particles. Shortage of fuel and electricity has diverted the attention towards development of the Solar Water Heater and Solar Distillation Plants. Experimental studies on Natural Convection Solar Water Heater, Solar Cooker and Solar Still have been carried out to estimate their performance. Depletion of the stratospheric ozone, due to CFC's and HCFC's needs replacement. Some of the promising refrigerants suitable for the alternate system, that is, the vapour absorption which can be operated by renewable forms of heat energy are ethanol and methanol along with water. Therefore, Vapour Absorption Cycles at single, double and triple stages have been modeled for thermodynamic analysis. Subsequently, their performance have been analyzed and conditions for economic utilization of energy, like solar, biogas, LPG and CNG for cost effective air-conditioning systems with maximum efficiency (maximum energy COP and maximum exergy COP/minimum exergetic destruction have been proposed.
  1. Publication

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