Dr. Mohammad Shuaib

    Ph.D (Experimental Nuclear Physics)


    Assistant Professor


    Heavy-Ions Nuclear Reactions at Low Energies


    Bait ul Murtaza, Near College View Apartment, Dhaurra, Aligarh-202002





    Time Table 2022-2023 Semester IV/VI


I am currently working on the study of incomplete fusion (ICF) reactions at energies » 4-7 MeV/nucleon, using the 15UD pelletron accelerator facilities available at the Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi, India. My area of research is based on accelerator based heavy-ions reactions using the high “Z” (atomic number) projectiles. Generally at these energies, the complete fusion (CF) reactions are considered to be the most dominating mode of reaction. However, experimental data shows significant contribution of ICF at these energies. In order to understand the reaction dynamics of ICF process, complementary experiments viz., (i) measurements of excitation functions (EFs), (ii) measurements of forward recoil range distribution (FRRD) have been performed at the IUAC, New Delhi, India. Stacked foil activation technique using the off-line gamma ray spectroscopy has been employed to study the probability of ICF reactions. In the EFs measurements, the reaction residues expected to be populated via CF and/or ICF processes are identified from the characteristics half-lives and further confirmed by study their decay curve analysis. The analyses of EFs are done within the framework of statistical model code PACE4. In the FRRD measurements, the relative contribution of CF and ICF processes are disentangle on the basis of the linear momentum transfer (LMT) takes place from projectile to the target nucleus. As such, in CF, full LMT takes place from projectile to the target nucleus, implying larger range of the compound nucleus (CF) in the stopping medium. However, in ICF process, due to break-up of projectile, partial LMT takes place from projectile to the target nucleus. Hence the CN formed via ICF will have smaller range in the stopping medium. In RRD measurements, the reaction residues populated via different fusion component (CF and/or ICF) associated with the projectile has been measured using the recoil catcher foil activation technique. The experimentally measured ranges are deduced and compared with those obtained from the SRIM calculations.

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