Dr. Shraddha Rathi

    ICMR Fellowship, MDS, BDS


    Assistant Professor


    Dental Implantology, Geriatric Dentistry, Nano-dentistry







    Time Table


After having passed MDS in March, 2010, she joined an Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, Dr Z A Dental College,AMU, Aligarh, the post at which she is working since July,2010. The duties include teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students (MDS) & Dip Dental Mechanics, both clinical as well as classroom teachings; attending OPD, emergency calls, referrals from colleagues and allied specialties and helping post-graduate students with their thesis work.
Recently, she is working as Principal Investigator on a Clinical Research, project fully funded by DHR-ICMR, New-Delhi. Under this project, she is rehabilitating partially edentulous patients with dental implants in various clinically challenging situations. This project is sanctioned for three years, out of which two successful years have being completed.
Currently, she has completed and submitted an interdisciplinary extramural clinical research, again fully funded by ICMR., Delhi. Under this project around 130 completely edentulous patients were successfully rehabilitated with complete dentures and supplementation of Vitamin D, all free of cost. 
Dr Shraddha Rathi has published more than 16 papers in international and national journals. and, has been awarded with ' Best Paper Award', 'Pentagon Award' and " Young Scientist Award'.

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