Prof. Syed Ali Mohammad Naqvi






    19, National Colony, Ameer Nishan,Aligarh, India




Born in 1953 in a very prominent family of â??ulama known in India as Khanvadae Ijtihad. His father was Allama Ali Naqi Naqavi, a world renowned scholar and Dean Faculty of Theology. Syed Ali Mohammad Naqvi had his early religious education under guidance of his father. Then graduated in Theology from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. In 1974 went to Iraq, and then Iran for higher Islamic Studies. He studied under such great scholars as Allama Murtaza Mutahhari, Dr Mufatteh.Dr Izzati and Prof Sahibuz Zamani. In Iran Prof Naqvi become prominent as scholar. His articles appeared (in Persian Language) in reputed Journals. More than a dozen Books were published in Iran by such reputed Publishing Houses as Intisharate Amir Kabeer, Daftare Nashre Farhange Islami and Bunyade Shaheed. He became Member of Board of Text-Books in Iranian Ministry of Education and jointly worked with Dr Haddad Adel on text-book Project. Four of his books were prescribed in secondary and University level and taught throughout Iran, a unique distinction for any non-Iranian In 1984 he went to London and worked on a research project. This book was published entitled â??A Manual of Islamic Beliefs and Practiceâ?? from Muhammadi trust of Great Britain. After return to India Prof Naqvi worked on a Project on Comparative Religions. The voluminous work was published in two volumes entitled â??A Survey of Indian Religious Thought.â?? He also worked on a project of Tafseer of the Qurâ??an and two volumes were published. He, along with prominent religious figure, Dr Kalbe Sadiq, founded a modern religious Seminary named Madinatul Uloom at Aligarh which later developed as M.U College. In 2006 he was directly appointed as professor of Thheology in A.M.U. and later become Chairman of Shia Theology and then Dean, Faculty of Theology. He has two sons and two daughters.