Prof. Syed Mohammad Hashim

    Ph.D (Urdu), Ph.D (Persian)




    Comparative and Persian literature, literary criticism, Iqbaliyat and Research methodology


    Department of Urdu, A.M.U., Aligarh. Res. 4/502-A, Amir Nishan Civil lines Aligarh





Dr Syed Mohammad Hashim, Professor and Ex-chairman, Department of Urdu Aligarh Muslim University had passed his BA (Hons) with first position in the entire University in 1976 and so got University gold medal as well as National merit scholarship from UP Government for the study of post graduation. He had done his M.A. Urdu and M.A Persian both with distinctive positions. He was awarded his first PhD in Urdu in 1982 and II PhD in Persian in 2020. He has a strong taste of learning the literature of different Indian and Foreign languages. Besides double doctorate in Urdu, Persian and Graduation in Arabic and Hindi, he has also done two year certificate and diploma courses in Turkish and Malayalam. He learnt Sanskrit with his special interest and became able to teach introductory courses of Rigveda, Ramayana, Mahabharata and poetry of Mahakavi Kalidas in classes of comparative literature in Aligarh Muslim University. His teaching in Masters includes Arabic poetry of Sab-e- Muallaqat, Ummavid and Abbasid period as well as the classical Persian poetry of Firdausi, Saadi, Khaqani, Umar Khayyam, Roomi and Amir Khusro. He is the author of seven books on research methodology, criticism, biography and Iqbaliyat as his specialised domains and more than 60 research papers and articles on different topics. On his research and literary contribution so many awards have been given from different distinguished institutions.

He has twice appointed Editor of University quarterly research and literary journal Fikro Nazar and also second time appointed the Director of Urdu Academy of the University. He has also been appointed second time the Coordinator of the Centre of Advanced Study Department of Urdu II phase AMU and this is a matter of proud that this centre has been successfully working at the advanced level research of comparative Urdu, Persian and Arabic poetry.