Prof. Qudsia Tahseen





    Nematode Biodiversity, Morphological and Molecular Taxonomy, Functional Ecology and community structure, Biology and development of soil and fresh water nematodes and those associated with insects


    4/425-C, Sir Syed Nagar, ALIGARH-202002





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Dr. Qudsia Tahseen is a Professor of Zoology at Aligarh Muslim University who teaches Animal Ecology as well as Nematology to the students of the Masters programme. She has made remarkable contributions in the field of Nematology. She has described and revised a good number of nematode taxa and has addressed the taxonomic identification from different perspectives so as to adopt a holistic approach combining morphological, developmental and ecological characteristics for better scientific value instead of the lopsided shallow morphological study. Her lucid and critical analyses of species supplemented with Scanning Electron Microscopic details and her wide taxonomic skills have been accredited internationally as she remains so far the only Asian to receive ONTA Special Award for sustained excellence in Nematology. She has also conducted pioneering studies in India on nematode development while her ecological findings led to the understanding of shifts in subterranean food web. Due to the skills and expertise, she has been invited to reputed labs of Europe and America under prestigious fellowships of Royal Society, Rothamsted International, INSA, DBT, TWAS, TWOWS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, European Union Consortium, Australian Academy of Sciences, DFG and Max- Planck Institute etc. for collaborative research or to teach/ guide post-graduate students at Erasmus Mundus and EUMAINE programmes.

  1. Publications

    Some Important Publications

    TAHSEEN, Q.; AHLAWAT, S. & HUSSAIN, A. (2017). Description of a new and two known species of Cephaloboides Rahm, 1928 (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) from India, with discussion on the taxonomy of the genus. Zootaxa 4277: 352-368


    TAHSEEN, Q. & Clark, I. M. (2014). Attraction and preference of bacteriophagous and plant-parasitic nematodes towards different types of soil bacteria. Journal of Natural History DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2013.873088 (U.K)


    TAHSEEN, Q., QAZI, M. A., MUSTAQIM, M., AHLAWAT, S. & BERT, W. (2013) Descriptions of ten known species of the superfamily Mononchoidea (Mononchida: Nematoda) from North India with a detailed account on their variations. Zootaxa 3646: 301-335.


    KAZI, M. A., PRASAD, J. S., KHAN, R. SOMASEKHAR, N. & TAHSEEN, Q. (2013). A revision of genus Metarhabditis (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) with description of three known species, a key to the identification of congeners and their relationship. Journal of Natural History 47 (U.K.) DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2013.


    TAHSEEN, Q.; SULTANA, R. ; KHAN, R. & HUSSAIN, A. (2012). Description of  two new and one known species of the closely related genera Cruznema Artigas, 1927 and Rhabpanus Massey, 1971 (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) with a discussion on their relationships. Nematology 14: 1-16.


    TAHSEEN, Q.; SHAH, A. A.; KHAN, R.; SULTANA, R.; HUSSAIN, A. & AHMAD, I. (2009). Biogeography and variations in allopatric populations of Distolabrellus veechi Anderson, 1983 (Nematoda: Rhabditidae). Nematology 11: 815-826.


    TAHSEEN, Q. (2008). Coelomocytes: Biology and Possible Immune Functions in Invertebrates with Special Remarks on Nematodes. International Journal of Zoology, Invited Article ID 218197, 13 pages, doi:10.1155/2009/218197


    Tahseen, Q., Sultana, R. & Khan, R. (2007). Species of Teratorhabditis (Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953 (Nematoda: Rhabditida) from sewage and manure samples in India including a discussion on relationships within the genus. Hydrobiologia 583: 127-140.Link:


    TAHSEEN, Q.; CLARK, I. M.; ATKINS, S. D.; KERRY,B. R. & HIRSCH, P. R. (2005). Impact of the nematophagous fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia on nematode and microbial populations. Communications Applied Biological Sciences, Gent University 70: 81-87.


    TAHSEEN, Q.; SHERIDEN, J. & PERRY, R. N. (2004). Electropharyngeograms of pharyngeal pumping activity in six species of free-living nematodes. Nematology, 6: 49-54.

M.Sc. IV SEM. Core Course Unit 2 Post embryonic development in C. elegans
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 2 Dauer Larvae
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 2 Parasites
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 3 Hatching
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 3 Moulting in nematodes
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Introduction to biological models
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Biological models contd.
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Introduction to Toxicology
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Ecotoxicology and models
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Ecotoxicological models
M.Sc. IV SEM Core course Unit 1 Nematodes in Ecotoxicological models
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 3 egg laying in nematodes
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 2 Adaptations in plant parasites
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 2 evolution of plant parasitism
MSc IV Sem Nematology Paper 2 Anguina tritici