Bibi Fatima Hall

National Constitution Day

                                                                                            Bibi Fatima Hall, AMU 
                                                                                National Constitution Day, 2019 
National Constitution Day 2019 was celebrated with great zeal and fervour at Bibi Fatima Hall. The residents participated in the events with enthusiasm and also encouraged others to do so. The main motive for hosting the events was to educate the residents about the constitution, its importance, and its provisions. The events were conducted by Ms. Taqdees Mariam, Senior Literary Secretary, and Ms. Alisha Khan, Joint Literary Secretary of the Hall. At 6 30 p.m. twelve teams of two members each assembled in the dining hall to compete in a quiz competition about the constitution. 6 teams proceeded to the second round and finally, 5 teams emerged at the top three ranks, due to recurring ties. Bystanders and audience were all enraptured by the variety of questions asked. At 8 00 p.m. the Provost, Prof. Ghazala Parveen, the wardens, Dr. Kehkesha Fatima and Miss Hira Javed, the Committee Members of the Hall, and the residents assembled in the dining hall for a talk by Prof. Shakeel Ahmad (Samdani), Dean, F/o Law, Aligarh Muslim University. Prof. Samdani was given a warm welcome and the second event of the evening began. Ms. Taqdees Mariam delivered the welcome address, followed by an introduction of Prof. Samdani by the Provost, Prof. Ghazala Parveen. Prof. Samdani then began his talk, and the audience was immediately enraptured. His talk focused mainly on the Preamble, which is the foundation for the entire Constitution, and then continued on to the relevance of Fundamental Rights and Duties in today's society. His words were very well received by the audience. Prof. Samdani wrapped up his talk by directing attention towards the need to do good and to give back to society in the best way possible. Ms. Alisha Khan delivered the Vote of Thanks, thus bringing the event to an end. At the end of the day, the residents gained knowledge of the Constitution and the events proved to be fruitful.