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Swachhta Hi Seva

"Swachhta hi Seva" mission at Bibi Fatima Hall


Dated: - 15.09.2018

"Swachhta hi Seva mission" at Bibi Fatima Hall

In compliance with the "Swachhta hi Seva" mission of the government of India ensuring all-round hygiene so that this program leads to a mindset of zero tolerance towards unhygienic conditions, Bibi Fatima Hall organized a number of activities from 01st to 15th September 2018.

The zealous girls of the Hall under the tutelage of Provost Prof. Ghazala Parveen, and wardens Dr. Farha Firdaus, Dr. Mohammad Fayyaz, Dr Sadia Hasan, and Ms Hira Javed flagged off the program with a plantation of saplings in the Hall. The students showed their awareness towards the environment by embracing messages on posters that read Save Water, ?Do not spit, and keep our community clean?. The team then undertook cleaning of the Hall followed by a pledge to keep the spirit of maintenance of hygiene alive always. Certificates of Appreciation were given to Ms. Ruheen Khan, B.tech IV and freshers of Dormitory for bagging winning positions in the clean Room contest held on the occasion.

The movie "Padman" with a message for personal hygiene was also shown in the Hall to revisit the idea of the importance of hygiene.

The period of 15thsep to 2nd Oct also marks the fourth anniversary of the Swachh Bharat Mission and this seems to be a fitting tribute to the Father of the Nation on his birth anniversary.


Swachhta Hi Seva


SwachhtaPakhwara at Bibi Fatima Hall, AMU, Aligarh

(1st -15th October 2019)

Encompassing the spirit ‘Cleanliness is half the faith’, Bibi Fatima Hall organized on 13th October 2019 a number of activities under SwachhtaPakhwara – a nationwide Drive to inculcate responsibly attitude towards making the country clean.

The Provost, Prof. Ghazala Parveen along with a team of wardens-Dr. Farha Firdaus, Dr. Mohammad Fayaz, Dr. Sadaf Fareed, and. Hira Javed initiated the programme with the planting of saplings inside the hall. The residents enthusiastically participated and pledged to take care of the trees. The team then flagged off the ‘Clean Hostel’ and ‘Clean Mess’ Drives which involved undertaking an overall cleaning of the hall with a view to providing a clean and healthy environment. The students also showed their awareness towards the environment by embracing messages on posters that read ‘When there is bright, switch off the light’;‘Recycle paper’; ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Life’; ‘No-Spitting’ etc.

The office staff of the Hall headed by Mr.Azeem Tazimul Haque(Office-In-Charge) also contributed to the programme.

The programme ended with a promise to keep up the spirit of ‘Clean India Green India’ for days to come.