Indira Gandhi Hall



  1. I.G. Mart:  (Xerox, general and daily needs shop) printout facility available.

  2. I.G Canteen: (hygienic place to get snacks / beverages / fast food / other food / salad / fresh juice / fruits / edible items from morning till evening.)

  3. Hot Water facility in the Hall.

  4. Salon / stitching centre for girls inside hall.

  5. Water Coolers with Water Purifiers at requisite locations in the hall.

  6. Ambulance facility with driver and female attendant available 24*7.

  7. Dining Hall (Refrigerators, Toasters, Desert coolers, Roti-maker, Steamers, Microwaves, Bain Marie).

  8. Separate washrooms with requisite facility for differently abled residents.

  9. Wi-fi hall campus

  10. CCTV Cameras

  11. Computer Lab with Internet & Air Conditioner.

  12. Generator facility.

  13. Internal Landline at Provost Office and Gates.

  14. Sanitizer Dispensers.

  15. Lawns & Gardens

  16. Bio-degradable waste disposal system.

  17. Water Recycling Unit.

  18. Visiting Room (Sofa, benches, desert cooler, tables etc).

  19. Reading Room at Main building of IG Hall & IG Annexe (Newspapers, magazines, desert coolers, generator facility)

  20. Common Room at Main IG Hall & IG Annexe (Television with dish TV, sofa, table, carpets, desert cooler)