N.R.S.C. Hall


Aligarh Muslim University is basically a residential University since its establishment but when the number of day-scholars (non- boarding) was raised substantially, a need was felt to start a separate club for them. Realizing that day-scholars have to cover a distance of at least 2-6 miles to attend classes and once back to their home, it is hardly possible to reach University campus to avail library and other recreational extra curricular activities. Thus, MAO College Day Scholars' Club was established in 1910 under the patronage of Nawab Viqarul Mulk (1841-1917). Nawab Viqarul Mulk was the secretary of MAO College from December 1907 to July 1912. The opening ceremony of the Day Scholar's Club was performed on August 6, 1911 somewhere in a rented building at Aatishbazan, Upper Fort (Bala-e Qila). Abdul Majid Khawaja (1885-1962) became its Founder-President. Later, the Club was shifted to another rented site of the University at Danpur Compound, Rasal Ganj, Aligarh.

            "Intermediate Day Scholar' Union" of Muslim University Intermediate College came into existence in 1920. The Union might be a continuing succession of MAO College Day Scholars' Club  when MAO College was upgraded to Muslim University. This exclusive Union had its own elected team of day-scholars.  In 1932, the Intermediate College was abolished in accordance with the recommendation of the ?Rahmatullah Committee?. Hence the Intermediate Day Scholars? Union of Intermediate College was also dissolved. However, intermediate classes continued in the University. A separate society of that intermediate classes of Aligarh Muslim University namely 'Intermediate Students' Society (ISS) later on came into existence. This ISS had no relation with Day Scholars' Club. ISS was later on merged with AMU Students' Union in 1956. After 1932, Intermediate Day Scholars' Union was renamed as Muslim University Day Scholars' Union, which was again rechristened as Non-Resident Student' Center (NRSC 'B') in 1943. Students of these NRSC Attached Boarders Club were enrolled in different residential hall like Sir Syed Hall, Aftab Hall etc. An exclusive NRSC Provost Office came into existence at the end of 1956 under the Proctorship of Prof. Satish Chandra. This newly created office was given a status of a hall like any other residential Hall. Prof. Satish Chandra was thus the first provost of NRSC and remained both procter and provost till 1958. Prof. S.M. Shafi of Commerce was Procter of AMU and Patron of Day Scholar's Club from 1931 to 1942 and then from 1948 to 1956.

           Non-Resident Students' Center has a club like atmosphere. It has been running two clubs one in the city area (NRSC 'B') and other in the civil lines area (NRSC 'A') for all non resident students. The very purpose of the Center is to train students in building up and inculcating qualities of mind, soul and body. Both Club holds many sports activities including creative programmes under various sections such as literary, hobbies and cultural. Each programme is celebrated with a great deal of enthusiasm and fanfare. Best students are awarded 'Colour', 'Provost' and 'President' prizes in these various sections. With a view to maintain the desired standard of sociability and academic discipline, these Clubs are assisted by a provost and separate team of presidents, wardens and students' office bearers. The cumulative resourcefulness of all the wardens and presidents improve the general tone and administration of the clubs.

 Today only formerly known club 'A' is in existence.