Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall

Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall


Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall is one of the oldest halls of residence of Aligarh Muslim University. It was named after Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman, the first Indian Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and former Vice Chancellor of the University. It occupies a premier location in Aligarh Muslim University Campus, It is one of the largest halls of the university.

 At present, it accommodates approx. 650 Students of undergraduate, post graduate as well as research scholars of Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology. It was established in 1802 by a French Colonist. It stands today as one of the oldest architectural example of the University.


Sir Shah Mohammed Sulaiman was born on 3 February 1886 and received his early education at Jaunpur and at Muir College, Allahabad. He had been an exceptionally brilliant student and topped the list of successful candidates at the graduation examination of the Allahabad University

In 1906, he was awarded a State European Scholarship by the Government and proceeded to England for higher studies at the Christ's College, Cambridge and the Trinity College. He was called to the Bar and obtained his LL.D. from Dublin. He returned to India in 1911.On his return from England, Shah Mohammed Sulaiman joined the Allahabad Bar. Owing to his highly impressive performance at the Bar, he was offered a seat at the Bench in 1920 at the age of 34 and was made a permanent Judge of the Allahabad High Court in 1923. He was soon appointed the first Indian Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court.

He took over as Honorary Vice Chancellor of A.M.U. in 1929. He held this office thrice and the total period was about four years.

Sulaiman Hall is a tribute to this great personality. The hall was established in 1945, when Sir Ziauddin was University's Vice-Chancellor. Following are its hostels 

Agha Khan Hostel                                     Bhopal House                          

Jaikishan Das Hostel                                Hasrat Mohani Hostel

Kashmir House                                           Qidwai Hostel

Mahamoodabad House