Viqarul Mulk Hall

Annual Hall Report

Viqarul-Mulk Hall, Aligarh Muslim University

Annual Hall Reports-2019

By Md. Ashraf  

Senior Hall


To begin with I thank Almighty ?ALLAH? who guided us all to accomplish our Annual Hall Function ?AL-VIQAR-2019? and blessed us to assemble here.

I would first like to dedicate the Annual Hall Function (AL-VIQAR-2019) to ?Sir Syed? the great visionary and reformer whose untiring efforts paved the way for the establishment of Aligarh Muslim University, which is today serving the purpose of upliftment of Muslim community and in turn the Nation as a whole. In continuation with the traditions of Aligarh Muslim University and especially those traditions preserved and maintained by the versatile resident members of V.M. Hall. I, as the Senior Hall of V.M. Hall on behalf of the resident members of this hall, welcome our Chief Guest of the evening, our beloved alumni of Viqar-ul-Mulk Hall Janab Mohammad Furqan Sb (Mayor, Aligarh). I also would like to welcome our special Guest Prof Jamshed Siddiqui, Dean Student?s Welfare, and Guest of Honour Prof. B.P. Singh, Department of Physics, AMU, Aligarh. Your arrival and participation have made the event enormously gracious.

I also welcome our eminent distinguished guests of the evening. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the resident members of V.M. Hall for the efforts & cooperation shown by them in organizing our Hall function successfully. On this historic occasion of Annual Hall Function in the legendary V.M. Hall, before proceeding any further regarding the presentation of Annual Hall Report, I would like to brief the assembled Guests about Molvi Mushtaq Husain, famously known as Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk on whose name this residential Hall has been named. Viqar-ul-Mulk a close confidant of Sir Syed was one of the very few members of Muslim intellectuals who always kept the Aligarh Movement above his own personal interests and never budged to any kind of external pressure. In spite of facing many hardships after the death of Sir Syed, Viqar-ul-Mulk continued to work for the cause of Aligarh Movement and managed to raise seven lacs fifty thousand in cash, which later paved the way for the establishment of Aligarh Muslim University in its present state. In recognition of his massive contribution to the cause of Aligarh Movement, during the Vice-Chancellorship of Sir Ross Masood, Viqar-ul-Mulk was honoured when the first hall of residence outside the original M.A.O. College campus was named after him. Therefore, on behalf of resident members of V.M. Hall. I would like to state that we are honoured and find ourselves lucky by the grace of Almighty ALLAH that we are the torch bearers of the historical legacy of Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk.  

During the Vice Chancellor ship of Sir Ross Masood, Viqarul Mulk Hall was set up in 1932 which comprises of four hostels namely Jubilee Hostel which has a well-furnished common room, Nasrullah Hostel which has a Grand Dining Hall, Muzzammil Hostel which has a beautiful Mosque, Marris Hostel which boasts of having the first Auditorium of AMU.

It is my privilege to present the Annual Hall Report of Viqarul Mulk Hall on this occasion. The Annual Report showcases the achievements and glories of our Hall.

The list of students of V.M. Hall who have achieved laurels in various fields at National & International level are as follows:


Mr. Mntdohd. Arshad   

(JAM 2019)


Mr. Mohd. Arshad   

(JAM 2019)


Mr. Mohd. Monis              

(JAM 2019)          


Mr. Tasleem Khan**        

(JRF 2018, AIR 159)


Mr. Bashid Khan      

(NET 2018)


Mr. Fazal Kamroon     



Mr. Gayas Ahmad        



Mr. Mohd. Rizwan Ahmad  

(GATE 2019)


Mr. Fahad                              



Mr. Faruk S.K.                              



Mr.Yashvir Singh                      

(GATE 2019)


Mr. Abhijeet Singh             

(GATE 2019)


Mr. Abu Kasim           



Mr. Shahid Anwar            



Mr. Aquib Faraz                    



Mr. Mohd. Raees           

(Selected in UP Hockey Team)


Mr. Saikh Sadiq ullah



Mr. Mohd. Minhaz Uddin



Mr. Shariq Asnain**



Mr. Naved Alam



Mr. Salman



Mr. Md. Hasnat Alam



Mr. Shariq Suhail



Mr. Athar Noor**                    


Mr. Mohd. Yasir Arafat**  

Four Research Paper published in Scopus indexed journals & and his papers accepted in world?s No.1 Management association academy of Management, and Has been awarded CREED fellowship by entrepreneurship development Institute of India)

     Various Programmes and events organized by students of V.M. Hall during the session 2018-19.

·           Annual Literary & Cultural Fest:

The Annual Literary & Cultural Fest of V.M.Hall ?Bazm-e-Viqar-2019? was organized from 11th April 2019 to 13th April 2019 under the leadership of Mr.  Mohd. Izhar Ul Islam (Literary Secretary), Mr. Obaidullah (Cultural Secretary), Various competitions where held and the fest was a huge success.

·         Annual Common Room Fest:

The Annual Common Room Fest ?AL-VIQAR-2019: Open University common room fest? was organized from 8th April to 10th April 2019 under the leadership of Mr. Wajahat Khan (Secretary, Common Room).

·         Seerat-un-Nabi Celebration was held on 7th April 2019 under the leadership of Mr. Mohd. Zaki.

·         The Career Counselling Cell and Coaching & Guidance Cell of Viqarul Mulk Hall is going to organize a Public Talk on ?Socio-Economic challenges before Minorities in India and their solutions? which is scheduled to be held on 30th March 2019 at 4:00 pm in the Marris Auditorium, V.M.Hall under the leadership of Mr. Mohd Nasir Khan (Secretary, Coaching & Guidance).

·         The Viqarul Mulk Hall is going to organize the lecture on ?Values of Tradition and Culture of AMU? which is scheduled to be held on 1st April 2019 under the leadership of Mr. Obaidullah (Cultural Secretary).

In the end I, on behalf of the resident members of V.M. Hall confidently state that we the resident members of V.M. Hall with our achievements and sense of participation have proved that we are truly following the path prescribed by the great reformer and revolutionary Sir Syed in all walks of life and in the future too we will always continue to be the true torch bearers of Aligarh Movement.

Last but not least I would like to mention vital role of our Provost Dr. Naseem Ahmad KhanDr. Aijaz Ahmed (General Warden), Dr. Mohd Qamar Alam (In-Charge, Dining Hall), Dr. Muhammad Sharique (In-Charge, Dining Hall), Dr. Jibraeil (Warden) Dr. Mohd. Shakir (Warden) Dr.   Mohammad Swalehin (Warden), Dr. Mohd Uzair (Warden), and Mr. Mohd. Kamran Khan (Residential Warden). Once again thank you all.

I would like to thank all the post holders and volunteers, my dear wardens and Provost Sir for the dedication and untiring efforts shown by them in making the Hall Function a grand success. Wassalam.

22nd April 2019, Monday                                                          Md. Ashraf

Senior Hall