Building Department

The Expert Committee

Expert Committee

For expediting the deliberations of the Building Committee and to assist the Vice-Chancellor in taking decisions on behalf of the Executive Council in emergency an Expert Committee a Subcommittee of the Building Committee consisting of three members to be nominated by the Building Committee may be approved. The function of Expert Committee may be to examine the drawings, designs, estimates, specifications, tender documents, approval of rates of labour and material, extra items, deviations and the purchase of store material.

          The minutes of Expert Committee are approved by the Vice-Chancellor and reported to the Building Committee as and when its is convened. The members of Expert Committee are as under:

1.     Member-in-Charge, Building

2.     Member-in-Charge, Electricity Department,

3.     University Engineer,

4.     Internal Audit Officer,

5.     Electricity Engineer,

6.     Deputy Registrar (Development) &

7.     Representative of CPWD not below the rank of Executive Engineer.