Disability Unit

Brief History of Disability Unit, AMU Aligarh

Forewords for Disability Unit Aligarh Muslim University

The Disability Unit was set up on 27th September 2002 in the Aligarh Muslim University by the UGC for the empowerment of Physically Challenged Students. The Unit has been working for the last eighteen years in this direction to achieve the objectives assigned to it. At present the Unit is at C-15, Tarbanglow AMU Aligarh, Aligarh, with the office bearers namely coordinators and four office staff. The coordinator is the overall in-charge of the Unit and undertakes the responsibilities of registration of students and all other duties assigned by UGC/University related to differently able students of the University.

Disability Unit is maintaining and monitoring the Reservation Roster Register @4% w.e.f. 2018, as per guidelines of Ministry of Social Justice and welfare.  Disability Unit is also coordinating in implementing 5% reservation in admission and facilitating in the admission process for persons with disability along with guidance and counseling to disabled persons.

Unit is assisting disabled graduates to gain successful employment in public as well as private sector.  Problems related to the lodging, boarding and the day to day affairs are also solved after discussing the matters with the concerned authorities of the University. 

The Disability Unit is providing free transport facility within the campus to the disabled girls students.
Disability Unit ensures that free food is being supplied for all resident PWD students up to 12th class. Disability unit ensures that PWD (VH category) students are 100% exempted from admission, tuition and form fees as per academic ordinance 2018 AMU Aligarh.

Disability Unit is providing advance computing lab facilities, Braille facility at Maulana Azad library section, along with assistive technology facilities, scree-reading software, mechanized  latest talking software's necessary for PWD students. The Disability Unit is providing/distributing aids and appliances such as; Wheel chairs, Angel players, Crutches, Sticks, Hearing aids, Scientific calculators, Tricycles etc. to PWD students free of cost under specially sanctioned budget, twice a year. Disability Unit has followed up the authorities for the construction of 143 Ramps, 13 Lifts and 621 disabled friendly toilets for disabled persons at various places in Aligarh Muslim University.


  • A universally accessible campus where programs, services and environments are usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design


  • To cultivate an accessible and inclusive community where students with permanent and temporary disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of campus life.

  • Develop awareness in the education system and also to provide necessary guidance and counselling to the differently-abled persons.

Coordinator and Professor
Office: Disability Unit, C-15, Zakir Bagh Tar Banglow, AMU Aligarh - 202002 Ext: 3065
Phone: 9412757231 Ext: 3066
Email: disabilitycoordinator78@gmail.com