Programmes / Events

Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebrations: A Brief Report


1.   Publications


Ø  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Muslim Renaissance Man of India, Bicentenary Commemorative Volume of Essays edited by Professor A.R. Kidwai containing 19 articles, of which 12 are by Western scholars specializing in South Asian and Sir Syed studies. Among the contributors are: David Lelyveld, Barbara Metcalf, Christian W. Troll, Charles Ramsey, Hafeez Malik, Gordon Cambel, Geoffrey Nash, Robert Ivermee etc. Prof. F.A. Nizami, Director, Oxford Islamic Centre contributed Foreword to this 338 pages volume published by Viva Books, New Delhi, which was released on 17 October 2016.

Ø  Special Sir Syed Number of Jahan-e- Kutub edited by Mr. Mohd. Naseer Khan and Mr. Farooq Argali, New Delhi. This 1176 pages volume is in Urdu.

Ø  A comprehensive Bibliography of Sir Syed containing books and articles on Sir Syed by Dr. Shaista Bedar, M.A. Library, AMU.

Ø  02 special issues of Tehzibul Akhlaq on Sir Syed

Ø  02 special issues of Fikro Nazar on Sir Syed

Ø  Books on Sir Syed came out by

-          Prof. Shan Mohammad

-          Prof. M. Shafey Kidwai

-          Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi

-          Prof. Iftikhar Alam

-          Dr. Rahat Abrar

2.   Lectures and Seminars

A series of lectures on the mission and thought of Sir Syed have been already organized and will be organized at


Ø  Halls of residence, AMU

Ø  Local educational institutions in Aligarh

Ø  In the towns associated with Sir Syed

Ø  A National Seminar on Sir Syed in collaboration with Sahitya Academy, New Delhi organized by Professor M. Shafey Kidwai, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, AMU

Ø  Seminar on Sir Syed by Department of Sunni Theology

Ø  A National Seminar on Sir Syed be organized by Director, Sir Syed Academy,  AMU

Forthcoming Seminars


Department of History

Department of English

Department of Urdu

Sir Syed Academy, probably in Delhi

Urdu Academy, probably in Delhi


3.   Exhibitions:

Photographs Exhibition:

Ø  Exhibition on ?Sir Syed Ahmad Khan-Glimpses of the M.A.O. College and AMU? inaugurated on 15 October 2016 at Moinuddin Ahmad Arts Gallery, AMU

Ø  First day cover competition organized and prizes distributed

Ø  Exhibition on Sir Syed organized at Ibn Sina Academy, Aligarh

4.  Extending Sir Syed Mission:

Ø  A letter to AMU Alumni Associations, Muslim educational institutions and NGOs for setting up quality schools across the country.

Ø  A letter to 150 Heads, Departments of Urdu, Arabic and Persian across the country requesting them to organize Bicentenary programme in their respective institutions.

5.   University Games Committee organized various tournaments to mark the Centenary.


6.   Media Coverage:

The media committee will publish material on Sir Syed mission in national dailies in October 2017.

7.     CEC staged a play on the life and mission of Sir Syed.