SC/ST Cell

SC/ST Cell

SC/ST Cell


The SC/ST Cell was established in the University in the year 1983-84 in pursuance of the UGCs guidelines exclusively for the welfare of SC/ST candidates. The Cell has been assigned the responsibility to deal with matter regarding implementation of Govt. of Indias reservation policy for SC/ST candidates in admissions and appointments at the University. Presently, the SC/ST cell is working under the office of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The SC/ST Cell has been accomplishing the tasks as summarized here-under:

 1.      Processing matter and corresponding with the MHRD and UGC regarding reservation of SC/STs

2.      Collecting and compilation of annual data in respect of strength of students and staff belonging                            to SC/ST category.

3.      Maintains a Register for cases of caste discrimination, which is nil so far.

4.      In addition, data collection and compilation work in respect of OBC, minority and Physically                                   Handicapped students and employees has also be entrusted with the Cell since 1.1.2010.

5.      Disposing off RTI applications relating to the section.

6.      The statistics regarding SC/ST/OBC & PwD can be accessed on the IQAC Home Page:


7.      With reference to the letter No.F.1-7/2011(SCT) dated 15th May, 2015, you are requested to 

       write/lodge your complaint on any of the following email id: