Selection Committee (Non Teaching Section)


The Selection Committee Section (Non-Teaching) of the Registrar's Office deals with the work of holding GENERAL SELECTION COMMITTEES/DEPARTMENTAL PROMOTION COMMITTEES for recruitment of all NON-TEACHING POSTS of the Aligarh Muslim University. To achieve the Goal of the Selection Process the following steps are taken by this Section: 

1.  Proposal for Open Recruitment/Departmental Promotion of Non-Teaching Posts received from different Departments/Colleges/Centres/Offices is processed for obtaining verification of posts from the concerned Sections. After approval of the Vice-Chancellor these posts are Advertised in the National Dailies (atleast two News papers)/Notified on the University Website www.amuregistrar.com and on the webpage of Selection Committee Section (Non-Teaching) https://www.amu.ac.in/offices/selection-committee-non-teaching-section/advertisements .

2.  All application Forms received in response to the Advertisements/Notifications are sent to the Computer Cell, Registrar’s Office for preparation of Computerized Statement post-wise indicating the details/particulars of the candidates.

3.  After approval of the Vice-Chancellor Application Forms along with Computerized Statement are sent to the Scrutiny Committee/Concerned Department/College/Centres/Offices to determine the eligibility/ineligibility of the applicants in the light of Advertised/Notified Qualifications and Experience.

4.  The report of the Scrutiny with regard to the eligibility/ineligibility are submitted for approval of the Vice-Chancellor. After approval of schedule by the Vice-Chancellor the date is fixed for holding/convening the Selection Committee.

5.  Interview Letters/Intimation Letters are issued to the eligible candidates for appearing in the Trade/Skill/Practical Test/Communicative/Interactive Skills or Interview through General Selection Committee/Departmental Promotion Committee.

6.  All other matters relating to the Selection Committees like disposal of representations, Replies of RTIs, disposal of RTI Appeals and correspondence with the Ministry of Education & UGC are also processed by this Section. Besides, preparing parawise comments of various Writ Petitions filed if any.