Civil Engineering Section


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.        1.  PURPOSE

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to provide a detailed set of instructions to employees and students to carry out their duties and responsibilities in a proper way. If this SOP is followed, the work will be streamlined, saving time and resources. This SOP will facilitate the efficient working for the employee and students.


      Civil Engineering Section is a major part of University Polytechnic imparting education to the students of Diploma in Civil Engineering and Advanced Diploma in Food Technology. The section has well-equipped laboratories with latest devices, machines, instruments for the training of the students. The syllabi/curriculum of the courses offered by the section are updated frequently to meet the requirements of industry.

3.       3. SCOPE

This SOP will facilitate the students and staff of civil engineering section about the working of the section.

4.       4. DEFINITIONS

Abbreviations used

CES: Civil Engineering Section                    

BOS: Board of Studies, comprising of all the teachers of the section. BOS is responsible for deciding all the academic matters such as teaching load, appointment of examiners and any other related work.

CL: Casual Leave                                          CPL: Compensatory Leave

EL: Earned Leave                                          DL: Detention Leave

TPO: Training and Placement Office           R. P. unit: Result processing Unit


          Section Incharge

1.      Preparation and distribution of time table to teachers and students before the commencement of classes.

2.      Supervision and monitoring of teaching activities of the section.

3.      Monitoring of completion of syllabus within the given time framework.

4.      Organise the induction programme for the newly admitted students.

5.      Ensure discipline at section level and prevent unlawful activities such as ragging.

6.      Send the staff attendance register to the principal office daily at 8:30 am.

7.      Interact with the students frequently to address their problem.

8.      Moderation of the examination papers.

9.      Collect the student feedback about the teachers and inform the teachers with their feedback for improvement of performance.

10.  To ensure the locking of laboratories and offices at the end of office hours.

11.  Follow guidelines and instructions given by the principal from time to time.


1.      To prepare teaching material as per prescribed syllabus of the allotted courses.

2.      To prepare lecture plan and course file.

3.      To upload his/her CV, time table, and teaching material on the section webpage.

4.      To evaluate the assignments, quizzes and mid semester exam.

5.      To encourage the students to participate in extra-curricular activities including games.

6.      To engage the class in scheduled time.

7.      To update their knowledge by attending FDP and short-term courses etc.

8.      To involve in research and development activities.

9.      To make efforts to organize various academic events like conferences, workshops etc.

10.  To execute any work assigned by the Section In-charge/ Principal.

Non-Teaching Staff

1.      To perform the duties/work allotted by In-charge/Principal.

2.      Maintenance of the personal files of teachers and employees.

3.      Circulation of notices, circulars, and letters received from internal/external sources and to keep their records.

4.      Despatch of attendance statement of teachers and the employees to the principal office for the purpose of preparation of salary.

5.      Maintenance and cleanliness of the premises of the section.


1.        All the applications by any employee of the section or by any student is routed through the Section In-charge.

2.        Distribution of attendance register of students for every subject is distributed to the teachers by the section.

3.        The attendance register of students is submitted by the teachers in the office of the section at the end of each semester.

4.        The record of sessional marks of the students is maintained in the section office.

5.        The student has to contact the office of EES to get his timetable/any other information at the beginning of the semester.

6.        For taking any leave, the employees collect the leave application proforma from the section office and submit back the duly filled proforma in the section office.

7.        Any article/equipment purchased is entered in the stock register of the section by the storekeeper.


Various forms/proformas/bills are available in the section office and on the university website.