Prof. Tauheed Ahmad








The areas of interest are Atomic, Molecular, Laser and beam-foil Spectroscopy, Lifetime measurements of the excited states, highly charged ions, Ionization Potential of the ions and Laboratory Astrophysics. However, the main focus has been the structure studies of complex atoms/ions using various techniques like conventional spark sources (Triggered Spark and Sliding Spark) with high resolution spectrographs in Extreme Ultraviolet region to visible wavelength region of the spectrum within the uncertainty limit of  ± 0.005 A. New identifications of various spectral transitions are made and new energy levels of the ions are established. Also laser produced plasmas as well as high energy accelerator based beam-foil spectroscopy. The theoretical support to the experimental data is obtained by Cowan's computer code involving multi-configuration interaction Hartree-Fock Calculations with relativistic corrections and least squares fitted (LSF) parametric calculations for the interpretation of the observed structure. The results so obtained includes energy level values of the excited configurations of different stages of ionization, wavelengths of the emitted radiation, oscillator strength as well as transition probabilities and lifetime of the excited states. The Experimental ionization potential (I.P.) is determined with high accuracy (±0.001 eV).