Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery


Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery (MAAG), Aligarh Muslim University

Patron: Professor Mohammad Gulrez, Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University

Coordinator: Professor Badar Jahan, Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University

Visiting Hour: 09:00 AM-05:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Sunday: Closed



●To achieve the distinction among the top Art galleries of India.

●To  promote art as envisioned by the founder. 


●To provide opportunities & recognition to the artistic production of the students.

●To bridge the gap between the artist and the society with creativity and imaginative thinking.

●To encourage inter-disciplinary practices to foster the exchange of new ideas and knowledge. 

●Promote traditional, contemporary and innovative art practices through workshops, residencies and art exhibitions  to strengthen the bond between contemporary artists and traditional artisans & craftsmen. 

●To initiate art events centred on social issues to bring awareness in the society. 

●To seek collaborations from highly reputed art organisations.  

●To organise curated exhibitions or workshops of living traditions or endangered art traditions.

●To provide media coverage to the artists who showcase their art works at the gallery.

About the Gallery

The history of Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery begins in the year 1928 when Prof. Moinuddin Ahmad got constructed this Gallery in AMU Campus. His vision was to disseminate the art of painting at Aligarh. It was his wish that his mission should be carried out in future by the committed and dedicated guardians of the Aligarh Muslim University. The building was renovated and reopened for the art lovers on the eve of Sir Syed day the 17th of October 2013, after its inauguration by Dr. Aziz Quraishi, Hon'ble Governor of Uttrakhand in the presence of Lt Gen (Retd) Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor and Brig (Retd) S Ahmad Ali, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, who executed the mission of Moinuddin Ahmad by getting the building renovated.
The growth of Art largely depends on the growth of Art Galleries. An Art Gallery is a platform which provides recognition to the artist. Today all the metropolitan cities are mushroomed with private, government and semi government Art Galleries which are taking Indian Art business to international levels as most of them are big auction houses.  Artists who are connected to these galleries get due benefits. New Delhi and Mumbai is the hub for art activities due to its metropolitan nature and a good network of Art Galleries. Art still holds back stage in small cities and towns in terms of growth and promotion. In this situation the emergence of an Art Gallery at Aligarh is a boon to the artist community.
MAAG provides not only large exterior and spacious interior but also supportive facility for variety of programmes and shows.  The gallery has a beautiful ambience suitable for an artist to work peacefully. Apart from developing a permanent collection the management of the gallery is committed for regular events and programmes specially designed for the benefits of the immerging artists and students of Aligarh Muslim University and visiting artists.  Our focus is on the holistic development of the gallery and the art in this region through several comprehensive plans and programmes of national and international levels such as Group and Solo Shows, artist workshops, residencies, lectures and demonstrations of invited artists and various interactive programmes in collaboration.

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Lecture workshop and Exhibition of creative 
Organised A Three-Day Interactive Programme of Lecture; Workshop and Exhibition of the Artworks of the eminent and International Artist Mr. Mahbub Murshid from Dhaka, Bangladesh from 22-24 December, 2022.

 Art Exhibition of Iranian Artists

Annual Art Exhibition 2022