Heritage Cell

Heritage Cell


The Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University is located in the Department of Architecture at Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University. The objective of  Cell is to sensitize and provide awareness to the people about conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and sites in the Country. The Heritage Cell was established with a cause to restore the legacy of Aligarh Muslim University, which is prevailing in the form of Heritage Buildings and sites. The Cell was developed with meticulous efforts of the Convener Prof Mohammad Farhan Fazli on 1st June 2013 and passed in the Special meeting of Executive Council held on 10th June 2013.

The Convener Heritage Cell visited the University of Oxford as "Visiting Research Assistant" in the year 2014 on the invitation of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies to understand the "Conservation Strategies in the European Countries" so that international standards be followed in the conservation works.

The Cell has been organizing workshops and training programs and exhibitions since its inception, to provide awareness about the restoration of cultural heritage.

Following programmes have been conducted by the Cell in the previous years:

a.    One week National Workshop on "Revival of Traditional Techniques and Materials" - 2014

b.   One week Short Term Training Programme on "Traditional & Modern Materials and Techniques of Facade Adornment in Islamic Structures"-2015

c.    One week Short Term Training Programme on "Conservation of Manuscripts and Archival Material"- 2016

d.   One Week Exhibition on "Jama Masjid Conservation Work-2016

e.   One week Short Term Training Programme on "Traditional Materials and Techniques of Construction in Heritage Buildings"-2019

These were the initiative of Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University, to sensitise the people and provide awareness to restore the incredible heritage of our nation.

In Feb. 2016 the Cell has started its first Conservation project "Restoration of Jama Masjid, Aligarh Muslim University". The project involves the cleaning of Araish plaster & consolidation of damaged Araish work, removal & repainting of floral gold imitation, repainting of Calligraphic inscriptions, removal of paint and polishing of doors & windows, re-installation of glass in doors and windows and replacement of electrical fittings & fixtures in the interiors of the mosque. The exterior works involve the waterproofing from the rooftop, cleaning of Sandstone, consolidation of damaged stone, removal of paint & repointing of exposed brickwork, repair of inlaid Calligraphy on Central Pishtaq. This conservation project has been executed on international standards and was inaugurated in April 2017.  

The Restoration Projects executed by Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University:

  I.  Restoration of Jama Masjid, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India - 2017

II.  Union Hall, Aligarh Muslim University, India-  Facade Restoration Project - 2018

III. Sultan Jahan Manzil, Aligarh - Stone Restoration Project- 2018

IV.  Church of Accession, Aligarh - Stone Restoration Project- 2019

V.    Installation of Historic Plaques on Heritage Buildings of Aligarh Muslim University, India -2019

VI. Facade Restoration of Sir Syed Hall (South), Aligarh Muslim University, India-2018 (under progress)