Dr. Mohammad Azhar Aziz



    Associate Professor


    Cancer Research, Personalized medicine, Integrative sciences, Multi Omics, Biotechnology






    MTech 1st Semester


Dr. Mohammad Azhar Aziz graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru university with PhD in Biotechnology. During PhD, he did pioneer work on anthrax vaccine development. He is a molecular biologist with domain expertise in Cancer biology. His interdisciplinary training enabled him to put together several disciplines and departments to address a scientific problem. He has successfully utilized nanoparticles to selectively target leukemia. He is an expert in Cancer Research with pioneer work on precision and personalized medicine in colorectal cancer with an integrative approach.

Dr. Mohammad Azhar Aziz has vast global research experience through working at world renowned institutions. Dr. Aziz worked at Case Western Reserve University, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH USA. He was part of Integrative Cancer Biology Program – National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA. This program connected premier institutions of USA – Harvard Medical School, MIT, Lawrence Berkeley, Duke etc., to develop an integrative approach in addressing cancer as a disease. He has excellent scientific acumen to solve problems with an integrative approach.

Dr. Aziz was hired from USA by King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC), Ministry of National Guard Health affairs as principal investigator. He established colorectal cancer research program and lead a team of molecular biologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists and bioinformaticians to report novel genes associated with colorectal cancer. He built this program on his strong scientific, collaborative and communication skills.

Dr. Aziz use scientific skills in molecular biology, multi omics and data analysis to generate evidence that can eventually help cancer patients in clinic or prevent them from going there. As an independent investigator, he has successfully attracted continuous funding for his lab and provided high Return On Investment. With experience in colorectal cancer domain, deep knowledge of wet lab experiments and ability to analyze high throughput data, he aims to provide seamless integration across disciplines.

Dr. Aziz is well known expert in colorectal cancer with several high impact publications as corresponding author. Several awards and honors were conferred on him. His latest award was from the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, KSA for best researcher.

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