Prof. Mohammad Shafiq Ansari

    M. Phil., Ph.D.





    4/1351 A-I, Opp. Manzar Dup. Sir Syed Nagar, Dodhpur, Aligarh-202002




The thrust area of my research is bionomics, ecotoxicology and management of Plutella xylostella, Lipaphis erysimi, Helicoverpa armigera, Thrips tabaci and biology of Zygogramma bicolorata, a herbivore on parthenium. I worked on the application of degree-day, development of linear and quadratic (sigmoid) models for the forecasting of distribution and abundance of P. xylostella on cauliflower and cabbage crops. Current research involves biology and integrated Management of Thrips tabaci on onion and Scirtothrips dorsalis and Polyphagotarsonemus latus responsible for MURDA disease complex in chilies. I teach Entomology courses; Insect Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology. Insect Pests of Field, Horticultural, Ornamental and Plantation Crops and insecticides: mode of action, metabolism and development of resistance. Three research projects are completed where inter/trap cropping of host/non host plants are recommended for the management of P. xylostella on cauliflower and cabbage crops and a third one on the occurrence of entomopathogenic nematodes infesting mango fruit fly and possibility of their application in the field condition. I have published research papers in the journals of repute like: Chemosphere, Bulletin of Entomological Research, Ecotoxicology, Crop Protection, Journal of Pest Science, Phytoparasitica, Annals of Applied Biology, Animal Biology and Entomological Research. Best Papers: 1.Fazil Hasan and M. Shafiq Ansari (2016). Ecotoxicological hazards of herbicides on biological attributes of Zygogramma bicolorata Pallister (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Chemosphere, 154:398-407. (NAAS ? 9.7, IF ? 4.427) 2.Fazil Hasan and M. Shafiq Ansari (2016). Temperature-dependent development and demography of Zygogramma bicolorata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on Parthenium hysterophorus. Annals of Applied Biology, 168:81?92; DOI:10.1111/aab.12244, ISSN 0003-4746. (NAAS - 8.10, IF-2.046) 3.Mohammad Muslim, M. Shafiq Ansari and Fazil Hasan (2018). Non-target toxicity of synthetic insecticides on the biological performance and population growth of Bracon hebetor (Say). Ecotoxicology, 27:1019?1031, (NAAS - 8.33, IF - 1.987) 4. Salman Ahmad, M. Shafiq Ansari, Maher Ahmed Moraiet (2013) Demographic changes in Helicoverpa armigera after exposure to neemazal (1% EC azadirachtin). Crop Protection, 50: 30-36. (NAAS ? 7.65, IF ? 1.92) 5.M. Shafiq Ansari, F. Hasan and N. Ahmad (2012). Influence of various host plants on the consumption and utilization of food by Pieris brassicae (Linn.). Bulletin of Entomological Research, 102 (2):231-237. (NAAS ? 7.76, IF ? 1.721) 6.Nadeem Ahmad, M. Shafiq Ansari and Nazrussalam (2012) Effect of neemarin on life table indices of Plutella xylostella (L.). Crop Protection, 34:7-14. (NAAS ? 7.65, IF ? 1.92) 7.Salman Ahmad, M. Shafiq Ansari, Nadeem Khan and Fazil Hasan (2016). Toxic effects of insecticides on the life table and development of Earias vittella (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on okra. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 37 (1):30-40. doi:10.1017/S1742758416000230. (NAAS ? 6.52, IF ? 0.659) 8.Nazrussalam and Ansari M. Shafiq (2018) Life Table of Plutella xylostella (L.) on Brassica Hosts. Indian Journal of Entomology, 80 (1):13- 18. DOI : 10.5958/0974-8172.2018.00004.4 (NAAS - 5.89)