Dr. Md Mahboobur Rahman

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Dr Md Mahboobur Rahman is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sunni Theology at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. He holds Ph.D in Theology from AMU with his thesis on "Muslim Religious Reform Movements in Bengal during the 19th century". Dr Md Mahboobur Rahman received his earlier education in Jamia Islamia Abdullahpur, a religious seminary in the hinterland of Jharkand, imparting education on Islamic studies on the lines of Dars-i Nizami. After that, he received his further education from the renowned institution of Kolkata, Aliah University, where he obtained the degrees of Al-alamiah and Al-fadilah. In pursuit of quenching his thirst for higher education, he came to Aligarh Muslim University and did his M.Th, M.Phil and PhD from the Department of Sunni Theology. He has served as a Theology teacher in Senior Secondary School of AMU prior to him joining the faculty of Theology where he has taught a wide range of subjects ranging from Islamic culture, Quranic exegesis, Indian religion, Sciences of Prophetic traditions to Islamic history, jurisprudence, social sciences among others. He has also guided a number of PhD's and has written two books, one of which he has co-authored with Prof Ismail of Islamic Studies. He has also published numerous articles in English and Urdu in various magazines of national and international repute beside actively engaging himself with his papers in different conferences, seminars, Symposiums and Dialogues.

  1. Publication

    Books Published

    1. Sayyid Ahmad Rae Barelvi: Ek Azeem Muslih, Averroes Academy, Aligarh, 2015. Pages-144

    2. Tarikh-e-Islam Aur Musalman, (Co-author) Averroes Academy, Aligarh, 2017, Pages-176