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Abdullah hall
is named after Sheikh Abdullah the pioneer of female education.
He was the founder of Women's college in Aligarh Muslim University, born on June 21, 1874 in a village in Poonch district of Kashmir.
During his school days at Lahore, he got an opportunity to hear the speech of sir Syed Ahmad Khan at the Mohammedan Educational conference and was so impressed with the visionary ideas of Sir Syed that he shifted to Aligarh for higher studies. Under Sir Syed's patronage he too selflessly dedicated himself to the cause of education.

Sheikh Abdullah
 served Aligarh Muslim University in various capacities. He was member of the University court from 1920 till death, Member of Executive Council from 1920 to 1928 and served as Honorary Treasurer. For his tireless efforts he was conferred the little of Khan Bahadur in 1935 and with the Padam Bhushan award in 1964. 


 Sheikh Abdullah's foremost concern was women's education and in his pursuit he was supported by his wife Waheed Jahan Begum (popularly known as Ala Bi). He started a monthly magazine Khatoon in 1904 which served as a platform for generating favorable public opinion. It was his tireless efforts and determination, that despite stiff resistance he started a girls school in 1906 with only five students and one teacher. It was his farsightedness that made him realize that a residential form of institution will be more effective in encouraging parents to send their daughters from far off places. It was this vision that led to the laying of the foundation stone of the first girls hostel on November 7, 1911 by Begum Sultan Jahan of Bhopal.

The legacy of it's founder, has blossomed  from  a single girl's hostel, to 7 hostels with a total strength of 1135 students from across the county. The beautiful campus is a safe abode for its residents. Our mission is to ensure all round development of its residents. Students of this hall besides pursuing their studies get all the opportunities to showcase their talent in the fields of sports, literary and cultural activities.

Residents are groomed to develop leadership qualities by making them a part of various hostel and hall committees, which assist the team of Provost and wardens in managing all Hall activities. Their involvement in day to day affairs increases their confidence level enabling them to make correct decisions in their life.