AMU Alumni Affairs Committe

With reference to Office Memo D. No. 366/C dated June 26, 2018, the Vice Chancellor has constituted the Alumni Affairs Committee with the Role and Charter defined as follows:


To act as effective interface between the Alumni and AMU, so as to optimize the potential of the 'Alig' fraternity as a key stakeholder in the future growth of the Alma Mater.


1)      Strengthen Alumni - Alma Mater bondage.

2)      Support Alumni Driven initiatives.

3)      Facilitates students scholarships / sponsorships.

4)      Facilitate MOU's and collaborations with overseas Institutions.

5)      Facilitates Alig Academic Enrichment programme.

6)      Maintain Alumni Website and update Alumni data.

7)      Monitor ongoing projects and provide timely feedback.

8)      Coordinate the visits of Alumni to the AMU.

9)      Organise 'Alumni Meets'.

10)    Facilitates other Alumni related programme.

Duties of Chairman:

1)    The Chairman will be In-charge of the office of the Alumni Affairs Committee and look after the day to day work of the Committee.

2)    He will formulate plans for approval of Committee and perform all other activities to further strengthen the bond between the University and the Alumni.

3)    He will be Convener and maintain all records related to Alumni Affairs Committee.

4)    Perform all other functions which may be delegated to him by the Vice-Chancellor.

Duties of Vice Chairman:

Will assist the Chairman and perform such other duties as assigned to him by the Chairman. He will also look after the work of Chairman in his absence.


With reference to Office Memo D. No. 2248/C dated December 13, 2019, the Vice Chancellor has re-constituted the Alumni Affairs Committee. The term of the Alumni Affairs Committee will be for a period of two years or till further orders, whichever is earlier.


Prof. Tariq Mansoor, Vice-Chancellor, AMU, Aligarh



Mr. Abdul Hamid (IPS), Registrar, AMU, Aligarh

Prof. Mohd. Mohsin Khan, Finance Officer, AMU, Aligarh



Prof. Mirza Mohd Sufyan Beg

Principal, ZHCET, AMU, Aligarh, 

Email: chairman.aac@amu.ac.in, Mob: +91- 9999071406, 9412272123



Prof. Mohd Mobin

Dept. of Applied Chemistry, AMU, Aligarh




  1. Dr. Ali Jafar Abedi, Dept. of Community Medicine, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan, Dept. of Tahhafuzi-wa-Samaji-Tib, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Ayesha Farooq, Dept. of Businees Administration, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Ekram Khan, Dept. of Electronics Engg. AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Faiza Abbasi, Academic Staff College, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Javid Ali, Dept. of Mathematics, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Parvaiz Talib, Dept. of Business Administration, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Syed Ziaur Rahman, Dept. of Pharmacology, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Salma Shaheen, Principal, Women's Polytechnic, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Tamkeen Rabbani, Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Shams Tabrez Khan, Dept. of Agricultural Microbiology, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Mohd Shameem, Dept. of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Mohammad Parvez, Dept. of Education, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Brij Bhushan Singh, Dept. of Physical Education, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Isar Ahmad Rizvi, Dept. of Physics, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Taqveem Ali Khan, Dept. of Geology, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Mohammad Sajjad, Dept. of History, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Mehtab Alam Ansari, Dept. of Library Science, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Aminul Islam, Dept. of Chemistry, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Mohammad Tariq, Dept. of Law, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Saira Mehnaz, Dept. of Community Medicine, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Dr. Rashmi Attri, Dept. of English, AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Samina Khan, Dept. of English , AMU, Aligarh

  1. Prof. Najmul Islam, Dept. of Bio-Chemistry (JNMC), AMU, Aligarh