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Welcome to AMU Information Management System (AIMS)

There are many modules in this system developed and designed according to the current practice in AMU. However, for general users only following 02 basic modules are offered, that is, 1. Students Module, 2.Staff Module

The 3rd Module News & Updates is also available to general users and all visitors. It contains news, notices, circulars, Conference & Workshops and other Events detail.

The important feature of the system is its capability to keep records of all Students and Staff and their chronology. The system also keep records of all User Activities including the date, time and IP used to make changes of the records. Thus complete Life Cycles of Students and Staff are maintained, provided the data is regularly and in time updated by the users. The System has an excellent Traditional and Customized Report Generation Facility along with Statistical Information. However they are being upgraded regularly as per demand by the users.

Student's Module
Staff's Module
Student's Module has all functionality from student's admission to the course completion including accommodation. It can be used to manage all other activities of the students in this period. Some of them are as follows:
Staff Module can also maintain the Life Cycle of Staff and other related activities from their appointment till their association, in any form, with the University. Some of the related activities are as follows:
  1.     Personal Profile
  2.     Academic Records
  3.     Accommodation
  4.     Hospital Visits
  5.     Extra Curricular Activities
  6.     Disciplinary Actions
  7.     Hobbies
  8.      Books
  9.     Post Held
  10.     Grievances
  1.    Personal Profile
  2.    Qualifications
  3.    Accommodation
  4.    Awards
  5.    Hobbies
  6.    Extra Curricular Activities
  7.    Out Reach Programs
  8.    Miscellaneous Activities
  1.    Leave Records
  2.    Service Details
  3.    Posts Held
  4.    Courses Taught
  5.    Supervision
  6.    Publications
  7.    Projects
  8.    etc.
Students Module was started on 19-08-2013 and has data since session 2011-12. The users can prepare almost all types of Reports and List required by them. Though the Staff Module was available since the very begining but it has been opened recently for users after addition of more functionality
Privileges: Students by themselves have only very limited privileges. They can see their data but cannot update it. They can only submit data and request for correction, if any. They can also lodge their grievances, if needed. The concerned office will take care of their requests.
Privileges: Staff members are working in different capacities and they have different privileges according to their status as Managers and Executives. Thus every one can excute as per privileges assigned to them. General users can directly correct their personal data, of course after logging in the system.

This control panel is made for internal use by the Managerial Staff and Executives of Aligarh Muslim University and not supposed to be made available to the general users/visitors of the web site. The Administrator of the system is responsible to register and issue the password to the persons for its usage and grant them different privileges as per University rules.

Only the registered users will be able to use the system for the data entry and update. They will get different menus according to the privileges assigned to them. All activities of the users are logged and monitored by the system. The users are supposed to keep the username and password confidential and not to pass it to other persons. If a person has transferred/left the office for which password was assigned then he/she is supposed to inform the administrator for deactivation/reassignment of the privileges assigned to him/her. A user is never deleted from the system rather is activated or deactivated. Similarly change of office will change responsibilities and privileges granted. Some useful tips are given below:

Change of Password

A person can change the password any time. Simply lo-gin using the current username and password. Click the Tab Change Password, a new page will appear prompting you to type in New Password twice. Type the password using keyboard and do not use cut-paste method. Click to change the Password button. Confirmation message will be displayed.


Help tab has a list of items and can display the list of those items. It is designed to provide the users different codes which occasionally are needed to filter the data. Simply copy and paste the code needed to filter and search the data in other modules.