Yusuff Ali Aquatics & Sports Complex

Yusuff Ali Aquatics & Sports Complex

Vice-Chancellor taking first dive in New Swimming Pool

Construction of Olympic Size Swimming Pool (OSSP) at AMU, Aligarh


The University received Rs. 5 (five) Crores from M/s Lulu Group Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A., a non-resident Indian for the construction of Olympic Size Swimming Pool Complex”. The University (through Building Department, AMU) has signed MoU with the M/s MSYK Design (Architect/Consultant) on 25.08.2014 and the same architect was being engaged by PMC (Project Management Consultant) M/s New Millennium for OSSP project.

The Architect, M/s MSYK Design, New Delhi, took up Structural & Architectural Design Drawings of Swimming Pool Complex at the fee @ 2.6% + Service Tax and Travelling Allowance @ Rs. 5,000/- per visit.

Subsequently, M/s New Millennium Pvt. Ltd. Delhi was appointed as Project Management Consultant (PMC) and MoU was signed between AMU Aligarh & M/s New Millennium on 04.08.2015 (w.e.f. 23.06.2015) as PMC to Develop a Swimming Pool in AMU. On the basis of design done by M/s MSYK Design, the PMC finalized the tender documents after compilation and finally Civil work, Electrical work and Plumbing work etc. were awarded to the contractor M/s DYNACON Projects Pvt. Ltd. Greater Noida (UP); an agreement was signed on 7th July 2015 between AMU & M/s DYNACON Projects for Construction / Development of Swimming Pool at AMU Aligarh. The tenders for Filtration Plant of Swimming Pool were also invited by the Project Management Consultant and opened on 17.08.2015. A Letter of Intent (LOI) was issued to M/s Candy Filters Delhi as L-1 vide Ref. No. 254/RCA on dated 07.09.2015 by the OSD Olympic Size Swimming Pool Project (OSSPP) for the bid price of Rs. 46.99 lacs.

M/s New Millennium submitted revised estimate regarding Construction of Ground Floor & First Floor building, informed through mail to the OSD, OSSPP on dated 28.12.2015 for the Budgeted / Expected cost estimate of Swimming Pool for the amount of Rs. 725 Lacs.

In a meeting dated December 11-12, 2015 under the Chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor, it was decided that the amount of Rs. 500 lacs donated by M/s Lulu Group shall be utilized for the construction of “OSSP and Sports Complex” for Boys in the main campus. Mr. Salman Jafri, PMC of the project, shared the comprehensive design of the “OSSP and Sports Complex” and desired that the project may be completed in totality since this is the last design project of Late Prof. M. Shaheer. The estimated cost of the work is 725 lacs. The Vice-Chancellor wished that additional funds may be identified and desired that Pro Vice-Chancellor may initiate action on this account. University may approach M/s Lulu Group with the progress of work and request them to sponsor additional amount for the extended work planned in sports complex with the recommendation for Financial & Administrative approval.

However, M/s Lulu Group has also announced donation of Rs. 500 lacs for Swimming Pool for Girls in Women’s College and tenders invited for the construction of Swimming for Girls out of UGC funds of Rs. 225 lacs. It is expected that the remaining funds of Rs. 225 lacs will be utilized for this project once the funds will be provided by M/s Lulu Group.

The Building Committee of AMU in its meeting held on 26.07.2016, considered and approved the revised Estimates, plans and accorded Technical sanction as EX-POST FACTO. The committee recommended for the Financial and Administrative approval for the work of “Construction of Swimming Pool Complex of AMU” (Main building, Swimming Pool and filtration Plant, room, stands etc. complete work) for an amount of Rs. 725 lacs.

Sequence of events in nutshell:

1.                  Rs. 500 lacs were sanctioned as per communication of Officiating Finance Officer vide D.No. 929/Acs dated 01.10.2014 out of the head “Sports Complex AMU”. The funds were donated by M/s Lulu Group Mr. Yusuff Ali, M.A. – Annexure 1.

2.                  Works are being done by competent agencies appointed by AMU under the direction of Building Department, AMU and OSDs appointed by competent authority.

                                                 (a)         Appointment of Architect M/s MSYK was processed through University Engineer, Building Department, AMU.

                                                (b)         Appointment of PMC and Contractor for MWP M/s Dynacon Projects Pvt. Ltd. was processed through OSD, Prof. Parvaiz Talib, Department of Business Administration, AMU.

                                                 (c)         Appointment of Contractor for filtration plant M/s Candy Filters was processed through OSD, Prof. Md. Kalimuddin Ahmad, Department of Mathematics, AMU. He was appointed as OSD, Swimming Pool Project and took charges w.e.f. 28.07.2015.

3.                  Preliminary drawings were designed by the Architect M/s MSYK Designs – Annexure 2.

4.                  Preliminary estimate of work: The abstract of the cost and detailed estimate as per DSR-2014 – Annexure 3.

5.                  Administrative approvals of Architect, PMC, DYNACON Projects Pvt. Ltd. for Main Work Package (MWP) and Candy Filters (for installation of filtration plant) – Annexure 4.

6.                  The detailed estimate and drawing given in Annexure 3 were approved in the meeting of Building Committee – Annexure 5.

7.                  Technical Sanction: Same is attached in Annexure 5.

8.                  Date of Inviting of Tenders and Comparative Statements:

(a)          Appointment of Architect – Same is attached in Annexure 4.

(b)         Copy of e-notification for appointment of Project Management Consultant (PMC) – Annexure 6.

(c)          Copy of e-notification for appointment of Contractor for Main Work Package (MWP) – Annexure 7.

(d)         Copy of e-notification for appointment of Contractor for Filtration Plant – Annexure 8.

9.                  Work Awards – Same is attached in Annexure 5.

10.              Name of Contractors:

(a)          For MWP                       :           M/s DYNACON Project Pvt. Ltd.

(b)         For Filtration Plant         :           M/s Candy Filters

11.              Amount of tender award: 725 lacs

12.              Copies of Agreement which has been entered into with the contractors:

(a)          Copy of agreement between AMU & MSYK – Annexure 9.

(b)         Copy of agreement between AMU & New Millennium Ltd. (PMC) – Annexure 10.

(c)          Copy of agreement between AMU & Dynacon Project Pvt. Ltd. for Main Work Package (MWP) – Annexure 11.

(d)         Copy of agreement between AMU & Candy Filters for installation of filtration plant – Annexure 12.

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