Mr. Mohd Faraz Ashraf

    B.E (Computer Engineering)


    Section officer (admin.)


    Sir Syed Nagar, Aligarh




All the tender related works such as preparing e-NITs, opening the e-tenders, issuing acceptance and work orders, etc. Preparing agenda and minutes of meetings of the Department of Electricity (W&M).

Maintaining and update of Departmental Website. 

All the works related to establishment such as maintaining personal files, confidential records of all the department staffs, etc 

Preparing various types of notices of the Department of Electricity (Works & Maintenance).

Making office order of the Department of Electricity (W&M) such as Leave Vacancy, etc

Preparing Attendance sheet of all staffs including office staffs, Daily Wagers and Leave Vacancy 

Maintaining of seniority list of all categories of Office Staffs, Daily Wagers /fixed salary staff 

Typing work assigned by Head of the Department and Head of the Section. 

Dealing Assistant for Disciplinary matters of the employees of the Department of Electricity (W&M). 

Conduct and compere different programmes organized by the Department of Electricity. 

Miscellaneous other types of works assigned by MIC, Associate MIC and Assistant Engineer of the Department of Electricity (W&M).