Account Section

Accounts Section

A Brief About Accounts Section

The Accounts Section of the Controller’s Office is no lesser than other sections of the Controller’s Office. Although, not the core section dealing with the Admissions / Examinations, still it has its own importance. This Section maintains an annual budget of over Rs. 5,48,00,000/- allocated to the Controller’s Office. This Section basically deals with different types of remunerations paid to the internal / external / foreign examiners and invigilators. Several time-bound activities are also associated with this Section. The major tasks which this Section performs are as follows:

Examination Related Activities:

1. Payment of remuneration to Examiners / Invigilators.

2. Payment of various other types of bills pertaining to the purchases in this office.

3. Processing of Detention Leave (DL) requests against Invigilation duties.

Admission Related Activities:

1. Moving of notes / files for withdrawal of advance for the conduct of Admission Tests.

2. Sending requisition for Advance to the Finance Office timely.

3. Payment of Advance to external Test Centres (outside AMU) in connection with the Admission Tests.

4. Payment of TA / DA and balance amount to the teachers / observers visiting different cities for the conduct of Admission Tests.

5. Payment to the internal test centres for different types of arrangements in connection with the Admission Tests.