Examination Section

Examination Section



The Examinations Section is entrusted with the conduct of all University examinations maintaining the sanctity, integrity and confidentiality of the whole process.


Total Number of Papers in one Academic Year

Nearly 4781

Number of Courses

  • 264 Regular

  • 39 Part Time

  • 83 Ph.D.

Format of Examinations

Semester Mode

  • Odd & Even

  • Odd-November/December

  • Even-May/June

Annual Mode

  • April-May


  • As per schedule (1½ Years duration approx.)

The process of examination mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Registration of students at the commencement of Academic Session.

  2. Validation of Course Code, Title.

  3. Preparation, Moderation of Question Papers.

  4. Conduct of Examinations

  5. Evaluation of Answer Books