Research Section

Research Unit


Research Section

Research Section of the Office of the Controller of Examination mainly deals with the work related to award of Ph.D., D.Litt and D.Sc. degree. Besides these, dissertation of all the Courses, Wherever  it is part of curriculum viz M.Tech, PG Course of Faculty of Medicine and Unani Medicine, Mass Communication, MHRM, BRIM, MBA (Financial Management, Agri Business), PGDBF,MTTA,MFC,MTA,AEM, MIRM, etc, are sent to the examiners for evaluation through Research Section.

         Rules for award of Ph.D. degree is as under:

  1. “if the thesis has been recommended or the award of Ph.D. degree, the Dean shall advise the Chairman of the Department concerned to hold the Viva-Voce of the research scholar under intimation of the COE and the research scholar shall be provided a copy of the reports of all the examiners through the Chairman and Supervisor at least one week before her/his Viva-Voce.”

  1. The Viva-Voce shall be conducted by the examiners comprising the Supervisor, Co-Supervisor (only from within the country), if any, and one external examiner of the thesis. In the case of teachers permitted to supplicate for the Degree without a Supervisor, there shall be two external examiners for holding the viva-voce.

  1. In case none of the external examiners, who have examined the thesis, are able to conduct the viva-voce, next examiner from the approved panel of examiners shall conduct the viva-voce.

  1. In the case of inability of the Supervisor (and Co-Supervisor, if any) to conduct the viva-voce due to any reason, an additional examiner may be appointed by the Vice Chancellor to conduct the viva-voce. In such cases, the Ph.D. work shall be deemed to have been carried out under the guidance of the original Supervisor (and Co-Supervisor, if any) only.

  1. In the case of supplication of Ph.D. by a teacher of the University without a Supervisor two external examiners shall conduct the viva-voce.

  1. The viva-voce shall be open to all teachers and research scholars of the Faculty however questions shall only be asked by the examiners. After the viva-voce, the reports of the examiners shall be placed before the CASR and, if the CASR is satisfied that the reports of the examiners are unanimous and define in recommending the award of the degree, it may recommend to the Faculty and Academic Council for the award of Ph.D. degree. If any of the viva voce examiners does not recommend the award of the degree, for reasons to be set forth by her/him, the CASR may recommend that a fresh viva-voce be held.