Centre for Interdisciplinary Biomedical and Human Factors Engineering

Centre for Interdisciplinary Biomedical and Human Factors Engineering

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Biomedical and Human Factor Engineering (CIBHFE) was created in July 2016 in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology after obtaining approval of the Executive Council, AMU. The faculty members attached to this centre are from Z H College of Engineering and Technology and J N Medical College and Hospital. The centre aims to provide an ideal platform for interdisciplinary research. Presently, M. Tech. and Ph.D. programs are running in the Centre.


To become an internationally recognised Centre for higher learning in the area of biomedical engineering


  • To achieve academic excellence and provide quality research in interdisciplinary areas of biomedical engineering.
  • To work towards advancement of knowledge and awareness to healthcare through multidisciplinary facet of biomedical engineering.
  • To make students aware of the ethical issues related to biomedical engineering profession.

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • Ability to design, conduct experiments and analyse data for scientific results.

  • Ability to effectively use different software tools used in the analysis of biomedical engineering.

  • Ability to acquire skill to use the engineering tools for biomedical engineering practice.

  • Ability to effectively communicate the biomedical scientific concepts and ideas. 

  • Ability to understand professional, social and ethical responsibilities.