Interdisciplinary Centre For Artificial Intelligence

Interdisciplinary Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Interdisciplinary Centre for Artificial Intelligence

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Artificial Intelligence was established in the year 2019 in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology after the approval by the Executive Council, Aligarh Muslim University. 

One of the major objectives of the establishment of this Centre is to promote interdisciplinary research and development activities in Artificial Intelligence and its allied fields including Machine learning, Data Analytics, Natural language processing, etc. The faculty members attached to this Centre are from different fields of Engineering and Science with international exposure and a good publication record.

The Centre aims to conduct masters and doctoral research programmes in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The Centre is poised to prepare the students to demonstrate technical competence in their profession by applying knowledge of contemporary advances in AI for providing practical and innovative solutions.

The Centre seeks to produce trained and skilled manpower to solve real-world practical problems and fulfil the industrial needs of Engineering, Healthcare, Financial, R&D industry etc. 

The Centre also aims to facilitate sponsored research and consultancy in the field of AI.