Department of Agricultural Microbiology

Post Graduate

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M.Sc. (Ag.) Microbiology


Ag. Microbiology


10 + 2 (ICAR Quota)


Refer to Guide to Admission


Refer to Guide to Admission


The students have an excellent job opportunity to be appointed as Microbiologists in different agri-based, foods, biotechnology, and Pharma industries. The students are equally suited for getting the opportunity for higher studies and Research in India and abroad in a reputed organization to enhance their skills and job prospects 


The major objectives of the 2-year MSc(Ag.) MICROBIOLOGY programme offered by the department of Agricultural Microbiology, AMU Aligarh are to prepare students :



PEO-1: To provide sound knowledge in Microbiology and allied subjects for employment in the Agri-based and pharmaceutical industry both in Government and Private sector.


PEO-2: To develop a good teaching-learning environment and training for professional career development and higher academic research in the institution of repute.


PEO-3: To develop the skills for leadership, ethical integrity, and professional engagement in sustainable development.


PEO-5: To produce highly skilled professionals in applied microbiology and microbial technology relevant to   the management of local problems related to agriculture, environment and public health.


P.O.1. Understand the basic and applied knowledge of Microbiology and related subjects in the current scenario of local and global exploration of the microbial world and its applications.

 P.O.2. Develop an understanding of effective communication of scientific literature microbial resource utilization in crop production and protection.

P.O. 3. Develop the skills to manage applications of microbes and microbial technology for crop productivity, fermentation products and bioremediation.

 P.O.4. Demonstrate the methods used in the culture collection, preservation, screening and presentation of data and analysis of the results of experiments in laboratories and agricultural fields.

PO5.  Would have committed to being professionally ethical.

PO.6 Would have learned to design a research project, handling common and sophisticated equipment, laboratory safety, and SOPs.